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How does it feel to be working at home and your spouse busts open the door during an important call while working from home? In the back of your mind, you want to make sure you have that healthy balance between family and your work routine without one interfering with the other. Many parents need to telecommute now and keep their kids occupied with activities at home and it’s not the easiest to juggle. Not only that, but their spouse could begin to rattle off what just happened to them 5 minutes ago down the hall. It’s difficult and it can be particularly annoying after happening several times throughout the day. .



This is where the kuando™ Busylight comes in to save the day. It’s relatively small and unobtrusive but also lets others know in the house that you are busy with work and can’t be disturbed right now.



Things can get taken for granted because you thought that once you started working from home there would be less distractions. The fact is that there may be less if you were to count, but truly there are just different types of “distractions or interruptions” that can occur while working remotely. The busylight can even come in handy for your kids in your home if you are trying to work on an important task and just need that little extra time to get you past the finish line of completing that project. It’s easy for others to know when they see a “red” or “green” light indicated by your busylight that you’re free or busy at the moment. The best part about how it works is that it takes the guesswork out of how to connect the busylight to work with whatever PBX you are using as it has a seamless integration with all of the major platforms including 3CX! The main things it will give you is time to focus on what is important, when it’s important, productivity and to hone in on your task and give it the attention it needs. It comes in three flavors (alpha, omega, and combi) and it’s literally as easy as connecting the busylight to your PC, laptop, or thin client and installing the busylight software – all in under 2 minutes!


The busylight also features a built in ringer so that you are able to see and hear incoming calls depending on your work environment. Do you know how many hours or minutes you may waste trying to get back on task after being interrupted? On average it takes over 20 minutes to get back on track to the task at hand. Imagine how much more productive you can be with having this as an indicator to others within your home that you are busy at the moment. Also, now to avoid the remote working burnout, there is an inbuilt kuando TIMER that will prompt you to take breaks at certain intervals to make sure that you stay fresh and rejuvenated throughout your work day – whether it’s catching up with the kids or incorporating some exercise into your remote-working routine.



If you would like to get some of your time back by reducing interruptions, give our ABP Sales Team a shout by calling 972-831-1600, option 3 or email sales@abptech.com and get your hands on one – or a few – today!

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