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Managing Elevated Body Temperature Scanners and Cameras with MxMSP

Secure EBT Screening with Video, Thermal & Privacy Controls

1. EBT with Thermal Camera We now provide support for setups combining video and thermal images with temperature information.

In case elevated body temperature is detected the system will alert and communicate by SMS and/or email these cases only specifically to the people in the organization with permissions to get this data. This protects health-related data and video and helps ensure companies comply with health data privacy regulations.

Personnel following up on alerts can now remotely screen and validate the exceptions they receive and document the outcome of each alert on their mobile devices. The entire workflow and data sets for both types of EBT screening solutions work together seamlessly and report aggregate over multiple locations and different equipment and the data can be managed and controlled remotely at an enterprise level.











2. EBT Stand/Fever Scan Module supports discrete temperature scanning stations with and without cameras based on Kentix custom IoT module for scanning body temperature, including full camera integration for situational awareness.


Scan Module













For more information on EBT Solutions, click on this ABP Blog.

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