IP Technology Distribution

Kentix Smart Relay and Other Readers

The Kentix SmartRelay is such a great access control solution, especially, for retrofitting a solution into an existing building since it’s so small: 









There are many reader solutions Kentix is offering for the SmartRelay:


IP Frame Reader - Keypad with RFID reader

IP Fingerprint Reader with integrated RFID reader
IP Wall Reader for Switchboxes with integrated RFID reader IP Wall Reader with integrated RFID reader
Wireless IP RFID Wall Reader - available in indoor & outdoor housing IP Rack Handle with integrated RFID reader


As you can see, the Kentix Access Control solution can be used to build a sophisticated and complete decentralized system. Please let us know when we can be of help designing a new system or helping to fix any issues you might have. The ABP Team is here for you!


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