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Go Green with low Power MOBOTIX Cameras

Green IP Video by MOBOTIX

The modern, network-based video security technology offers numerous advantages to use energy efficiently. Due to the special product and system properties, the decision to install MOBOTIX video sytems is also a decision for Green IP Video: low power consumption and environmental friendly because of long life expectancy and minimal amount of materials involved.


Low power consumption

MOBOTIX cameras are cost-efficiently supplied via PoE. This reduces the expenses for power and, in addition, saves copper and other important raw material as less power cabling is necessary.



MOBOTIX IP65 cameras are highly robust and work – without high-power climate control and extra protective housing – in a temperature range from -30° to +60°C (-22° to +140°F).



Integrated into the cameras are high-power processors and flash storage, thus making energy-consuming servers and storage devices unnecessary. And, of course, the disposal of waste later.


High resolution

A hemispheric MOBOTIX camera with two image sensors replaces up to eight standard cameras – including their consumption of energy and resources.



Without mechanical components, MOBOTIX cameras are maintenance-free and stay fully functional, even after years – and are, thus, more sustainable compared to other systems.



Even previous camera models can be easily updated and then offer new functionalities. Remote updates via the internet and the fact that the cameras are maintenance-free reduce trips by car, and, thereby, the negative effect on the environment.

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