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DECT - Best IP Phones for Healthcare

The snom M90 DECT handset was specially designed for use in hospitals and any places where cleanliness and hygiene play an important role. To guarantee this, the M90 has a special antibacterial housing that has also been tested according to JIS-Z2801. This makes the device not only easy to clean, but also provides no breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. In the medical environment the DECT standard also offers the best in sound quality, distance and battery life and does not interfere with medical equipment like cell phones can.

Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) is an industry standard that provides mobility to a workplace, such as hospitals where it offers additional functionality for messaging and alarm handling.

As mobility increases the efficiency of hospital staff, patient care becomes more focused, providing increasing quality and standards. Better communication means better care.

DECT solutions enable direct, clear connection without compromising mobility, so communication flows effortlessly and patients receive the best care possible, improving considerably the workflow between nurses and patients. A good reason to use DECT phones is the capacity of intercom, allowing internal communications from patients to the nurse station.


• Nurses can respond to critical issues as if they were at the bedside.

• Patients get immediate attention since messages are sent to the closest nurse station.

• The hospital atmosphere is more peaceful thanks to the reduction of messages thru the overhead paging.


The Snom family of DECT products ensures that business users don’t sacrifice functionality and quality with increased mobility.

Snom offers an efficient solution with the M900 multi-cell base station and matching DECT handsets – both are easy to install and operate.

Snom’s M90 handsets, alongside the M900 base station, represent the most effective form of DECT communication for the healthcare environment. These high-performance devices have been specially designed for use in everyday business.

ABP Technology as one of the first IP only distributors in the country has years of experience selling DECT technology to especially markets and can help you with your RFP as well as give you the key criteria you need to know to quote out the right solution for your customers projects. For more details contact sales@abptech.com.

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