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Revolutionize Security Monitoring: Blueprint-AR Integrates Maps, Cameras & Live Video

See Everything at Once: Blueprint-AR Combines Maps, Cameras, & Live Video

Blueprint-AR is IPTECHVIEW’s new tool to combine data from floor plans, aerial views, and googles’ satellite images and integrate with camera positions, camera reach, and live video. Users can easily view video from surrounding cameras too.

This new tool helps users gain full situational awareness by always knowing exactly where the cameras are that they are seeing. The new Blueprint Icon is available on all our camera views now to easily find your cameras. This feature is also available when links to alerts or situations are forwarded to Law Enforcement. They will now be able to see floor plans and better understand what is going on. View neighboring cameras without any prior knowledge of the space.

Effortless Setup: Drag & Drop Cameras onto Maps & Satellite Views

Floor plans, Google maps, satellite or drone views can easily be loaded for all projects. Just drag cameras and other IP device icons onto the map, adjust the centerline, and you are done. Angles are loaded automatically. When receiving alerts, users just touch the Blueprint icon to be taken to the Blueprint-AR view and see exactly where things are happening. View live video of other cameras nearby by simply tapping them.



AR stands for augmented reality. Blueprint AR enables access to much more data than live video. Multiple video & data ports provide awareness of other data from IoT sensors as well as information like temperature, humidity, air quality, and much more.

"Blueprint-AR masterfully gives me access to all my floorplans and give me access to everything at the tip of my finger on my phone. The amount of what can be done after a bit of practice is mind-boggling."


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