IP Technology Distribution

The Origins of IPTECHVIEW

Six years ago we felt resellers did not yet have a good tool to securely and remotely configure and manage the systems they sold. We knew remote service would be an important tool for resellers to grow their service income. We began to create a platform for our reseller partners so they could remotely and securely access, monitor and manage all their network products like routers and switches. This became the IPTECHVIEW SYSTEM.

During initial marketing we found that most partners need a tool they could sell to their end users. Most partners also were not yet selling recurring services and the MSP platform was a bit ahead of its time for them. So we decided to create an end user access tool we called LINQ. It was designed to link end-users to all their intelligent edge devices like PBX, routers, swithes and IP cameras and enable connectivity to these devices to access them see data, or view images without opening ports on the firewall. We saw there was a lot of demand by end-users to get safe and easier access. Interesting enough many end-users now were even interested in having access to the full IPTECHVIEW or MxMSP system and use it as their owe management tool  for users that did not do a lot of services with their installers or to collaborate and get remote service faster from their reseller partner.  MxMSP open up a whole new class of support conversations between reslelrs and their customers. 

As things picked up for our Mobotix Partners we decided to add a much richer tool for MOBOTIX IP cameras. We expanded the platform so our MOBOTIX resellers could do everything they tipically would need to do with MOBOTIX cameras on-premise locally, but enable this remotely and so save travel time and cost. We called our new solution MxMSP. The name stands for  for MOBOTIX Managed Services Platform. In the last 5 years this evolved to a highly advanced system that included monitoring of Mobotix cameras, remote setup, trouble shooting and mass configuration and mass update tools. Like IPTECHVIEW SYSTEM and LINQ everything is based on a multi-tenant cloud platform so resellers and integrators can manage all of their customers on a single platform. Over time our LINQ product evolved and became a full fledged cloud storage and VMS solution. We then fully customized it for the entire portfolio of Mobotix cameras. Our goal was to make inital deployment simple by enabling pre-configuration, we also spend a lot of time researching true end-user needs to make usage of all day to day funtions more intuitie and easy. Our result was a platform that is incredibly customer friendly and offer a very unique user experience for Mobotix cameras and enable a fully Decentralized serverless surveillance for Mobotix cameras. MxLINQ has become a surveillance tool that can be used by anyone that needs video access and alerts from Mobotix devices. MxLINQ is Decentralized and Democratic and gives every one, from the office manager to loss prevention, HR to CEO the functionality they need with minimum to no prior training. 

IPTECHVIEW Surveillance and MxLNQ today gives users secure access, instant alerts, situational awareness via Blueprint, Spaces, and time-based recent-activity views and multiple analytics options and has become a rich yet intuitive and highly user friendly cloud VMS

At the same time our platform offers resellers super powers by enabling secure access to all their connected projects via IPTECHVIEW SYSTEM (MSP - Managed Services Platform). It also enables customer's IT team to manage their own system remotely. Many customers with multi-site projects see this as a key reason to embrace our system. At the same time they can also get a whole new level of remote services from their trusted partner.

Beyond MxMSP & Mx LINQ for MOBOTIX, the IPTECHVIEW SYSTEM also provides access to many other solutions including access control, audio and video door stations, IoT and other solutions.  

IPTECHVIEW is constantly improving MxMSP & MxLINQ with new add-on options like incamera analytic support, license plate recognition, cloud based analytics options and unique vertical applications for specialized industries as well as new IoT integrations. Additional new solutions for access control and many new vertical applications are coming.



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