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3CX News - October 2015

FEATURE OF THE MONTH: 3CX's New Version 14

3CX launched the new Version 14 in September and introduced some great new features and updates for 3CX Phone System


Most notably, the 3CX Cloud Server has been re-engineered and the 3CX Phone for iPhone and Android have been re-designed. 3CX partners are encouraged to upgrade their NFR systems to V14 with their current NFR license and begin testing this new functionality internally.

Some of the highlights of V14 include:

  • The iOS client now has the 3CX Tunnel built into the softphone, whereas the previous version required the tunnel to be used as a separate app. The tunnel is a great tool for alleviating NAT traversal issues when not on the same LAN with the PBX. The older versions of 3CX Phone for Windows and Android did contain the built-in tunnel but the iPhone client did not. Also, the PUSH technology built into the softphones has been greatly improved to “Wake Up” the phone for inbound calls when the app is not running in the forefront. These new softphone clients are now much faster and reliable, especially when being used on a 4G connection.
  • V14 now has a single installer, regardless if the system is being deployed as a single PBX on premise or as a Cloud Server in a data center. During the installation wizard, the partner can select if it will be a single instance or a Cloud Instance which is capable of supporting 25 separate 3CX customers on a single server. - There is a new reporting tool built into the Management console which allows call reports to be automated and emailed. They no longer have to be run manually each time they are accessed, as was the case in the previous web based reporting tool.
  • Backup and restore tool is now built in and can be automated.
  • The 3CX server can now monitor its services status and alert the PBX admin if a service fails.
  • SPLA licenses are now available for the Cloud Server. This has been a highly anticipated option for several years and 3CX has delivered in V14. The SPLA licenses are “rental” licenses by which partners can reduce the up-front investment previously required to offer 3CX as a hosted solution. Each tenant in the Cloud Server requires a license based on Simultaneous calls but now, either traditional licenses or SPLA licenses can be purchased for the tenants. The SPLA licenses are very inexpensive and are available in 4sc, 8sc, or 16sc increments. They can also be purchased in 1 month or 12 month “rentals”.

**Contact Ben Conway or Steve Turner at ABP for pricing and more details.


Updates to the 3CX Partner Program 

There are now new partner levels and each level carries certain sales targets and “perks”. The new partner levels will be tied to a points scheme and each sale/purchase will be worth a certain number of points and counted toward the quarterly sales target. The new partner levels are: 

  • Affiliate - New registered partner. Receives NFR 4sc and free access to support.
  • Silver - Partner sells a minimum of 2 points per quarter and is certified. Entitled to 8sc NFR, listing on 3CX reseller page.
  • Gold - Partner sells a minimum of 6 points per quarter. Receives 8sc NFR, 25% discount level on 3CX purchases, more preferred listing on reseller page and more qualified 3CX leads.
  • Platinum - Partner sells a minimum of 20 points per quarter. Receives 16sc NFR, 25% discount level on 3CX purchases, most visible listing on reseller page, best qualified leads from 3CX.


Mark your Calendar for Upcoming Events

Join ABP for a discussion on 3CX hosted offerings. Discover the several options for delivering 3CX as a "Cloud" PBX and which is best for you.

What: 3CX Hosted Webinar

When: October 27th @ 1:00 - 2:00 PM CDT

Discuss 3CX SPLA Licenses, V14 Cloud Server, alternative ways to offer 3CX hosted without building the infrastructure yourself, followed by Q & A.

Click to register here




And our 3CX monthly orientation webinar for new partners is next week and will give you all the information for your partnership with 3CX.

What: 3CX Orientation Webinar

When: October 21st @ 1:00 - 2:00 PM CDT

Discuss common sales and support models, premised based vs. hosted applications of 3CX, followed by Q & A.

Click to register here




Also, save the date and keep your eyes open for an invite to our 3CX Power Lunch and have lunch on us!

  • November 10 - Orlando, FL

Call ABP at 972-831-1600 or email sales@abptech.com to discuss your next 3CX project.



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