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Looking into Hosted VoIP? 4 Things to Consider

1. Why Hosted VoIP?

Everywhere you look, there’s something about “the cloud.” But did you know that this “elusive” cloud becomes a lot more tangible when you put it in a business sense with time, money and resources? Hosted VoIP is on the rise due to lower costs and better flexibility. That’s why it’s time for you to consider moving your customers’ phone systems to the cloud and help them migrate away from expensive servers and costly ongoing maintenance.

Avoid the expensive, up-front costs of a premise-based system and move to an affordable monthly service that’s hassle-free. Businesses can receive the same functionality of an on-premise phone system but have more control of the management and enjoy modern UC features that are still lacking in many of the traditional systems in the market. Faster broadband and lower priced SIP trunking add to the savings equation. Hosted PBX can also reduce travel and telecom costs by up to 80% by connecting branch offices and leveraging low cost rates through SIP trunks. It also allows for increased productivity through CRM integration and video conferencing.

2. Why 3CX?

But with so many options in the market for hosted VoIP, where do you start? What platform should you choose to build your hosted VoIP offering? Let me give you proof why 3CX Phone System is the perfect choice to build your hosted voice platform.

While competing hosted PBX platforms limit your available feature set and remove the flexibility to easily configure it, 3CX does the opposite. Using the easy, web-based management interface, 3CX gives you full access to enterprise PBX and UC features. You can also save on initial hardware, licensing, setup and maintenance costs with 3CX Hosted PBX.

3CX was designed with you, the VAR/MSP, in mind. They created a platform that is easy to use, saves you and your customers money (making it easier to sell), and an opportunity for you to make more margin.

3CX also delivers from an end-user’s perspective, so there’s no painstaking process having to convince your customers into why they should get it - because it makes sense for them too! All of the enterprise UC features they have come to expect from a premise-based system are available in 3CX’s hosted platform, taking away the scary learning curve of moving to something “new.”

3. How do I begin selling?

One of the best things about pairing 3CX and ABP together when it comes to web hosting is the fact that you have options. Once you’ve decided to offer hosted VoIP using 3CX, you can go about it two ways: either build it yourself or take advantage of ABP’s infrastructure.

Cloud Server / Build & Host It Yourself

The Cloud Server is a free installer from 3CX that can support up to 25 separate instances of 3CX Phone System on one server in your data center. Each tenant is an individual PBX with its own extensions, auto attendants, queues, SIP trunks and 3CX license. In addition, 3CX partners can now leverage SPLA licenses which reduce the up-front investment. SPLA licenses can be purchased in either 30-day or 12 month increments and in 4, 8, or 16 simultaneous call paths. Call ABP @ 972-831-1600 for the breakdown of how the licenses renew and pricing information.

ABP's 3CX Cloud / Leave the Infrastructure Part to Us

So maybe you’re pretty psyched about what you’ve read about 3CX Hosted, but the idea of building and hosting your own infrastructure seems overwhelming or you just don’t have the time/resources. Creating a bullet-proof environment for quality hosted VoIP can definitely be a challenge. But we have a solution! Host the system in the ABP cloud and still get all the benefits of hosting with 3CX. You can continue to manage the customer’s configuration, along with adds moves & changes but leave the infrastructure side of the equation to us. Simply call for more information or order a 3CX tenant with specifics on time zone and extension length and within 48 hours we will hand over a web-based 3CX admin console for you to begin adding extensions, configuring DID’s and building call Queues. It’s that easy.

4. Why ABP?

ABP Tech is a VoIP expert with years of experience supporting 3CX partners with on-premise installations and now we’re helping them make the move to the cloud. We welcome the opportunity to assist you with any 3CX hosting questions - whether you decide to build the environment yourself with the Cloud Server or prefer to utilize our redundant infrastructure, we’re here to help.

In other words, we’re basically the bomb at supporting our partners who are looking to get into hosted (not to toot our own horn, but… *toot toot*). We can provide pre-sales engineering, system design, regional 3CX trainings that actually preps attendees to take the test and get certified, and offer continuous webinars (speaking of, see the banner below)! We like to think of ABP as a treasure map: always there as a resource, helping you choose the right way for your business; we recognize and respect that the path is yours - but that doesn’t mean you have to take it alone.

Call ABP at 972-831-1600 or email sales@abptech.com to discuss your next 3CX project.

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