IP Technology Distribution

ZTP & Fanvil STUN Guide

If you plan to provision Fanvil equipment with the “Direct SIP (STUN – remote)” option as well as using ZTP, an error will occur when the MAC addresses were already assigned to an extension. To fix the issue, they will need to be deleted and readded using these steps:
1. Navigate to the extension that the phone was on
2. Delete the phone template
3. Save the extension
4. Let ABP know to reset the portal (support@abptech.com)
5. Provision again through the ZTP portal
6. Now the phone will appear under the “Phones” tab on 3CX
7. Add the phone to an existing extension then save
For all other failure messages (including other manufacturer brands), notify support@abptech.com with the order number along with the failed MAC addresses and we will work to resolve the issue.
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