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Why IP Sizzles?

Resellers that focus only on the telephony side miss the biggest opportunity in the current technology shift.

We renamed VoIP Sizzles to IP Sizzles to highlight the changes and opportunities we see for the reseller channel. ABP sells and markets through partners and a part of our mission has become to train, educate and share experience. Currently we see the two largest growth opportunities for the reseller in focusing on call flow and productivity increases with new IP gear and in becoming the WAN specialist for his customer.

With no doubt telephony as a whole is rapidly migrating to IP and the road of conventional telephony is nearing its end. The role of the classic PBX as the center piece of the companies telecommunications is shifting to intelligent end-points perfectly aligned to the users needs and smarter call flow management. The digitalization of the analog world has reached voice and the resulting control over the call flow is where most parties are seeing the opportunity to improve productivity aligning or optimizing call flow to workflow.

On the connectivity side there is another shift taking place with tremendous growth in fibre, Metro Ethernet, business cable and wireless options. Upgraded DSLs now are becoming available at speeds up to 3MB up and 6MB down. Customers may not know how to benefit yet from all these changes but realize there is a convergence going on and need to feel that their reseller is helping them cross this chasm safely and benefit from productivity increases and cost savings to help finance the change.

The Internet has become the center beam for all communications and to have the right speed, quality of service and redundancy are key to all customers. To talk to customers and mainly focus on phone features is to miss the point.

At IP Sizzles resellers can experience 360 degrees of IP communications covering call flow, state of the art end points, new IP peripherals like door openers, SIP cameras, IP paging, world class bandwidth management equipment to ensure productive use of the WAN connectivity, equipment to offer your customer uninterrupted Internet link and last but not least we invited top of the line SIP trunking and hosted PBX service providers that want to sell through ABP's professional channel partners that understands WAN and CPE.

Opportunities abound and resellers that discover the angle that best fits their organization and their customer needs will grow very fast. Businesses need to listen to the signs of the times and if a business is small it can leverage the fact of being lean to lurch forward benefiting from the technological breakthrough and seize a position ahead of the curve. IP Sizzles has been designed for you the technology reseller to give you the most exposure possible in a just a couple of days of both the technology and the business side of things, our vendors and the ABP team. New ideas and value gets created by interacting and working together as a team. Try not to miss this event. We and your peers need you, and your experience to become stronger as a group. We are looking forward to sharing a few days of learning from each other and becoming a stronger team of technology partners that will make a difference in the world of SMB IP communications.

See you in Dallas at IP Sizzles!

Robert Messer

ABP International, Inc.

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