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Wavestore is an OnPremise VMS that is Fully MOBOTIX Compliant

If you’re looking for a robust video management software (VMS) product that fully integrates with the power of MOBOTIX cameras, Wavestore enables you to create complete best-in-breed systems that grow with your business and deliver robust and reliable management and recording.

Wavestore’s truly independent open platform VMS enables users to achieve maximum return on investment from their security solution by unlocking its full potential. Sitting at the very heart of a security system, Wavestore combines powerful ‘any source’ video, audio, and recording management with deep integration across multiple technologies from a wide range of third-party technology providers. These include leading camera manufacturers like MOBOTIX, video analytics, access control, recording, and sensor providers.

The newest features in the Wavestore VMS include easy camera setup, HyperRAID (which performs much faster than traditional RAID and doesn’t require an expensive hardware RAID card to operate), H.265 support for MOVE or other non MOBOTIX cameras, and a new encoder and multi-sensor camera VMS licenses designed to save you money when using encoders and multi-sensor cameras.

ABP and Wavestore are currently working on a future cloud management and cloud storage integration for IPTechView and MxMSP.

Call your sales team at ABP for more details.

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