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Superior Video Conferencing with Yealink

Earlier this year Yealink released their VC series, a full HD video conferencing system. Yealink is currently the global #2 SIP phone provider, and carries a product portfolio rich in IP video phones, IP phones and DECT phones, answering a variety of business solutions. Yealink's VC series is already making its mark among video conferencing systems by receiving a "2015 Unified Communications TMC Labs Innovation Award." The new series includes the Video conferencing System for Head Office (VC400) and Video conferencing Endpoint for Branch Office (VC120 and VC110). The VC series is based on Yealink's Easy Collaboration concept and ensures a perfect balance between high quality, ease-of-use and cost-efficiency. Keep reading for a breakdown of all the key features and benefits.

  • 4-site 1080P full-HD multipoint control unit (MCU), 8-sites can conference at 720P resolution
  • 18x optical zoom PTZ camera
  • Microphone arrays with 360 degree voice pickup
  • H.264 high profile, saving 50% bandwidth
  • Yealink intelligent firewall transversal
  • Video recording and playback
  • Dual displays and 'focus' feature
  • High compatibility and interoperability


Let's Get Technical

Yealink's VC series holds an array of features and benefits that make this video conferencing system not only innovative but extremely tailored to the needs and usability for SMEs. Such features include: a 1080P full-HD multipoint control unit (MCU) allowing users to conference between up to four other participants, an 18x optical zoom HD camera and a 360-degree omnidirectional pickup microphone, which can be extended up to 5 metres with an optional expansion microphone KIT.




The benefits don't stop there, users can access video conferencing anytime and anywhere thanks to its high interoperability and interconnection, and needs no additional dedicated network creating huge cost-savings. The system is supported by H.264 high profile technology and intelligent network adaptability, saving 50% of bandwidth - while still delivering an impressive high-definition video and audio experience. One of the features that users were most impressed with was the one-button USB recording function, which makes reviewing and sharing significant conferencing moments a breeze. You can find more specifications on the VC400 datasheet here.


Other Parts to Complete your Video Conferencing Solution

As you can see in the footer of this newsletter, there are more components to fill out the video conferencing solution that your customer needs. The VC120 is Yealink's latest innovative 1080P full-HD video conferencing endpoint for branch offices. It is designed to provide ease-of-use, high-quality and cost-efficiency. To make life easier still, the VC120 supports an intelligent firewall transversal which allows users to plug and play with no further firewall configuration. From box to working in just five-minutes. This unit connects to one other element for video conferencing. In other words, a one to one conference with another endpoint or software. There is also a VC110 unit that is similar, but more cost effective as it is intended for small conference rooms that do not need a high end camera with wide angle views and zoom. In addition, Yealink has launched a new Video Phone, the T49G. This unit is outfitted with a 7" screen and USB camera to turn any executive's desk into his own personal video conferencing terminal. Yealink has also debuted a software program / application for desktop environments that will fill out the final pieces of the VCS family. These will allow for mobility and flexibility in engaging in the video conferencing environments while out of the office.


Yealink's Opportunity Incentive Program

Yealink has created a program to encourage, help and protect Resellers in promoting and creating new opportunities for VCS. The program runs until December 31, 2015 and both the VC400 and VC120 models are eligible. The program is broken down into 4 simplified steps:

  1. Get to know a new opportunity - identify, develop and collect information
  2. Register the project with ABP Technology or Yealink. Complete and submit registration form. Click here
  3. Opportunity Evaluation - Yealink evaluates the form and informs Reseller of the result within 2 business days.
  4. Claim for the 5% reward. Provide purchase invoice as proof to Yealink or ABP Technology, your qualified distributor at sales@abptech.com.


Click the link to read more about the program and the benefits from Yealink and ABP Technology, your qualified distributor:Yealink Opportunity Incentive Program for VCS.

Please do not hesitate to call and discuss any projects you may have that could benefit from this product line. For more information and assistance with Pre-sales Engineering, please call 972-831-1600 #3.

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