IP Technology Distribution

The Story of MxMSP

Six years ago, a light bulb went on: What if we built a tool to preconfigure all IP technology products we sell to provide our reseller partnners with a cloud-based platform to help them lower their installation and support cost and offer a way to securely and remotely monitor, configure and manage all IP Technology devices?


Our vision was to help resellers and integrators use IPTechView our new cloud based EMS (element manangement system) and RMM (Remote Monitoring & Management) platform and help our resellers grow the services side of their income from a "Break-Fix” business model to a "Preventive Maintennace" or “Managed Services” model. This enables technology partenrs to focus more on the customer as a whole, earn more repeat sales, offer more complete solutions based on customer’s business needs and offer all of this - including managed services - in a multidisciplinary environment. Telephony, Data-Networking, AV, Surveillance, Access Control, IT, IoT, (and more), in short, empowering resellers and integrators to truly become a customer’s IP TechPartner™.


At first it seemed like a pipe dream. But with five years of experience building and deploying far-end NAT traversal solutions and working with provisioning platforms for 100,000 of devices to supporting ITSPs, we had a great head-start.
















As we were completing our universal IPTechView and IP TechPartner platform, we realized that one of our largest customer groups - surveillance and physical security integrators - were missing a very critical link to grow their business. They needed an easy tool for end users that linked them to the technology they were investing in. They needed something integrated that would also include their video management needs. We knew we needed to add a secure Cloud VMS to our solution. That was the beginning of what resulted in the creation of MxMSP™, the RMM platform designed specifically for MOBOTIX video surveillance cameras that gives integrators and technology partners the capability to remotely and securely monitor and manage deployments.


MxMSP™ makes MOBOTIX installations easier and faster which helps our partners increase their business by completing more projects with fewer resources. MxMSP also provides the added opportunity for integrators to expand their customer service business and increase their reocurring monthly revenue.


ABP now offers MOBOTIX IP video surveillance cameras optionally preconfigures as MxMSP-ready, in this case all cameras get shipped from ABP already pre-configured so they show up in the partners MxMSP Platform as un-assigned equipment. This means that when the cameras get installed on site they are already "connected" to the platform. Partners now can remotely connect to all devices as soon as they are plugged in and remotely finalize a project via MxMSP, regardless of network equipment and with no local server.

MxMSP allows integrators and partners to create their own branded Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS), providing end-users cloud-based viewing via the MxLINQ companion WebApp; video storage and analytics; alerts and video verification. Real-time account and subscriber information is also available to easily manage subscription and users.


Important to mention is that the entire platform is designed to be multi-vendor and manages both physical devices and virtual cloud objects and services.

In addition to Mobotix cameras it also supports NAS storage devices, routers and POE switches, with wireless bridges and other devices coming soon. At this point the platform is already ver close to the original goal of becoming a single pane of glass to manage all devices and cloud services a reseller needs to manage for his customers. 



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