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Refresh & Reinvent your Mobotix Solutions for your Customers with MxLINQ™ CLOUD.

No hardware needed and in less than 2 hours you can give your customers full & secure cloud access to all their current video, recorded video, and more. You basically unlock your end user access to all of the great functionality a MOBOTIX system has to offer. Everything they always wanted is now available for them on their phone of the device of their choice.

With MxLINQ™ Powered by IPTechView customers can even do all these little but important things end users always wanted like easily receive and program alerts for ActivitySensor, temperature alerts, see time-lapses, heatmaps, or access people counting and other MOBOTIX analytics - all on the device of their choice.

You sold MOBOTIX surveillance because you care about what solutions you sell. You picked the best possible system architecture, you learned about MOBOTIX, and sold the most powerful, advanced, and flexible solution of its time.

We live in a fast-paced world, subject to constant commoditization, heavy price competition, and customer expectations influenced by consumer products. Your MOBOTIX customers also cared and wanted to buy a more durable and intelligent solution and entrusted you to deliver a modern, expandable, and customizable solution - which you did.

Now it’s time to go back and give customers the upgrade that will take them to the current level of IP technology, expand their solution, and provide them with secure access to their MOBOTIX system. We created MxLINQ to linq your customer with his MOBOTIX solution.

Today’s users expect mobility and have little time to learn systems. A CEO is unlikely to use a full VMS and will be just as likely or even more inclined to view recordins or access stored forensic footage or review and think about results from analytics on their phone or browser from outside of his office than sitting at their desks.



It’s time to check in with your customers to show them how to get the most out of their investment and take their MOBOTIX solution to the next level. Fulfill your customer’s original vision for an intelligent, innovative, and time-proof solution by giving them access to MxLINQ.

Upgrading your existing customer’s system makes financial sense to customers. We are seeing a high closing rate and satisfied customers and integrators make a nice, immediate profit by provisioning existing systems to MxLINQ. Adding new value and an innovative solution is an awesome way to reconnect with past customers. Particularly with Mobotix endusers. In most cases after providing customers access to their complete system on their phones, the next step demanded by the customers themselves is to upgrade some cameras and then fill-in some visual “dead-spots.”

In addition to providing visual access, MxLINQ also provides access to “User Click” programmable buttons, heat maps, people / traffic counting and much more which you will sell as extra setup time. You sell MxLINQ as a service and help by provisioning/configuring your customers cameras to MxLINQ. Most integrators charge for setup plus an easy yearly subscription per camera. You also get your margin depending on volume which becomes a recuring annual income stream.

Last but not least, the MxMSP/MxLINQ platform contains a powerful Cloud Storage solution that is also fully mobile. You can add on to select cameras to fully adjust your solution to customer needs and their available bandwidth.


Upgrading and upselling customers is a great way to serve your customers and fulfill your original promise to them while providing your business with a nice revenue boost. Happy customers provide referrals and mobile solutions are easy to share and demonstrate.

Call ABP to get your own cameras provisioned and get trained so that you can upgrade your customer base and take your MOBOTIX business to the next level.


*MxLINQ and MxMSP work without local software and do not need any "boxes", clients or servers on premise. Mobotix camera can directly connect peer to peer to the system.

NAS management is  available on latest Mobotix FWs and on select NAS models only

You haven't yet learned about MxMSP?  Watch the Video


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