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Patton SmartNode Gateways, Routers and ESBR

VoIP Starts with SmartNode…

SmartNode integrates IP and TDM communications for Enterprise and Carrier access networks, offering VoIP gateways combined with IP access routing, WAN transmission, and transcoding functionality. SmartNode scales from 1 to 2,048 VoIP or fax calls with various telephony interfaces including analog FXS/FXO and digital ISDN BRI, PRI, DS3 and STM-1. Award-winning SmartNode™ equipment delivers state-of the art VoIP technology that integrates seamlessly with existing analog PSTN, digital ISDN, and IP infrastructures. Providing any-to-any multipath switching, SmartNode supports simultaneous SIP, H.323, ISDN and PSTN calling plus T.38 SuperG3 FAX and modem over IP.


SmartNode’s proven interoperability with all major brands of soft switches and IP PBXs makes it easy for carriers and enterprises to deploy future-proof VoIP systems quickly and profitably. As VoIP Gateway pioneers since 1998, tens of thousands of SmartNode™ products are up and running in enterprise and carrier networks worldwide, and have proven interoperability with all major IP PBX, Soft switch and VoIP service providers (visit www.patton.com/partners for details).


Telephony interfaces on Gateways include:

  • 1 to 32 FXS/FXO

  • 1 to 8 ISDN BRI

  • 1 to 64 T1/E1/PRI

  • 1 to 3 DS3

  • 1 STM1

  • 1 to 2016 VoIP or fax call capacity

  • Optional internal IP router

  • WAN interface and transcoding functionality

  • Supports simultaneious SIP, H.323, ISDN and PSTN calling - plus T.38 faxing










Enterprise Solutions



SIP Trunking with a Legacy PBX

VoIP service offers most users substantial savings (sometimes up to 50–70%), scalability and flexibility. But many businesses are tied to existing telephone equipment because of the cost of installing new IP equipment, retraining employees, and not realizing investment in their current equipment.


The solution? Patton provides their PBX a gateway to VoIP.

Using a Patton SmartNode Gateway you can provide the cost savings and added functionality of SIP Trunking to your existing legacy PBX. Patton’s SmartNode supports all varieties of legacy PBXs, regardless of the type of trunk supported. This includes analog, BRI, PRI, DS3 or STM-1 connections.



Migration Scenario – Legacy PBX to IP PBX

Why throw away perfectly functional phone equipment? A SmartNode can allow you to utilize your existing phone equipment while migrating to IP equipment at your own pace. As your business grows, start investing in next-generation IP telephones while at the same time utilizing your perfectly good analog/digital phone equipment until it needs to be replaced.

• Allow a smooth migration from old equipment to new equipment

• Stage your investments

• Preserve investment in existing infrastructure and extend useful life of capital equipment

• Any-to-any flexible call routing between legacy PBX, IP PBX, PSTN and SIP Trunks.



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