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Overland Now Supports MxMSP™ with new Guardian OS 7.7

Overland recently has upgraded their operating system from Guardian OS 7 (GOS7.0) to GOS 7.7 this is relevant for ABP’s MOBOTIX Partners since teh new version now supports MX-MSP™ by IPTechView. This enables both remote monitoring of system health parameters and secure remote management.  Overland provides a rich set of Secure Telemetry data on the NAS system health. The new GOS 7.7 also adds many other unique features and upgrades covering Dynamic RAID, Dynamic Values and Advanced Security among many others. 
MOBOTIX partners will get alerts if a SnapServer® goes offline as well as when discs fail and the RAID kicks in.  MxMSP™ by IPTechView uses secure telemetry data as per IPTechView™'s API to not only  notify on current failures but will also provide warnings based on threshold parameters that we set after exhaustive data analysis. This will provide a predictive analysis to warn MOBOTIX Partners about potential upcoming failures.
MxMSP’s goal is to "kick the habit of the break fix cycle” and give partners the information and means to resolve many problems before they actually happen.
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