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New Products from Epygi - QX20, QX500 & more

Epygi Technologies is committed to deliver one integrated communication solution to small, medium and enterprise-sized businesses to meet all their specific needs. Epygi's QX IP PBX and Gateway products are the result of years of careful planning, expert design and exhaustive laboratory testing by R&D engineers.

Epygi markets a feature-rich line of products that is sure to fit the needs of any organization of up to 2,000 users. Epygi is also cross-certified with a broad selection of IP phones and SIP providers, in order to provide a completely integrated communications package.

At ABP Tech, our goal is to offer you affordable products, as well as features specific to unique needs with ease of installation, maintenance and use, and Epygi is one of our preferred solutions. Reliable, secure and easy to install and use, the Epygi products offer users outstanding benefits and an unparalleled range of features at very economic prices. Customers are able to improve their productivity, lower operating expenses and enhance their image while being able to afford the latest in telecommunications equipment.

Epygi QX20 IP PBX  Epygi QX500 IP PBX







The new Epygi QX products consist of two IP PBXs that were the missing pieces in the original portfolio: 

  • The QX20 IP-PBX, designed for offices with as many as 32 users, supporting 32 IP devices and 10 concurrent calls. The QX20 can connect directly to SIP trunks, and the Epygi Gateways from the same QX product line can easily provide E1/T1, FXO, ISDN BRI, and FXS ports.
  • The QX500 IP PBX, designed for offices with up to 500 users, supporting 500 IP devices and 80 concurrent calls.

More details about these new products at: QX20 Datasheet & QX500 Datasheet

The Epygi QX product line offers a variety of features as an add-on to their current product line: Audio Conference Key, Video Conference Server, Automatic Call Distribution, ACD Console, Barge-In, Call Recording, Auto Dialer, System Redundancy. As well, Epygi boasts a PC-based application that allows users to view the current status/presence of team members in the office called DCC; iQall Mobile that allows customers to alternate between their mobile device and their desk phone without the call being disconnected; and 3PCC, designed to gain direct access to the QX IP PBX.

There are new additions to these features that complete Epygi’s offer:

  • PMSLINK Connection. Enables the interface to connect to middleware and integrate the QX with PMS used in hotels.
  • Epygi Hotel Console (EHC). A licensable hotel application that provides telephone control and billing of telephone calls for hotel rooms, as well as supplementary functions such as room status, wake-up calls, do not disturb and management of minibar items.
  • Epygi also added as optional, survivability to their gateways, allowing the company’s telephones to function, even when the broadband link or Hosted PBX is down.

Epygi warrants every QX for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase and they offer an extended warranty program available at the time of purchase, extending the original warranty for an additional three (3) years. Combined with the original warranty, the extended warranty would offer a total of four (4) years’ protection.

To make a final compromise with the market, Epygi is also making the following changes to some of their products’ purchasing model. All this with the intention to make the complete Epygi QX product line more accessible:

  • IP Phone Expansion Keys: the minimum available IP Phone Expansion Keys will start from 4 and the maximum number will reach up to 256.
  • Audio Conference Key: the key will be available for 4 or 8 users.
  • Automatic Call Distribution Key: not only Small and Enterprise but also Medium activation keys will be available.
  • Barge-In Key: Two Key sets will be available: Medium and Enterprise, while the Enterprise Key has been reduced in price.
  • Call Recording Key: the minimum available Call Recording Keys will start from 2 Ports and will also be available for 16 and 32 Ports.
  • Auto Dialer Activation Key: there is a price reduction.
  • 3PCC: Small, Medium and Enterprise systems will be available with 3PCC Keys.
  • Epygi ACD Console (EAC): EAC Activation and Renewal Keys will be available for 20 concurrent users.
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