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IP Video Phone Door Stations - Why they make a difference

The market has been missing a quality IP Door Phone solution that works with most standard IP PBX for a long time.  There hasn’t been a product mature enough to meet the requirements for VARs working on a variety of IP phone systems that can meet highly customizable requirements. The 2N Helios finally fills the gap with a full array of SIP Door phones resolving most scenarios. Some features and options include: SIP Video, 1/3/6 Direct Call Buttons, Keypad, LCD Display, Contemporary look,  Vandal Proof Version, RFID, Mounting Kits, Advanced time profiles and a host of Professional features.

The 2N Helios is so robust, that it is the only IP Door Phone that is certified for current versions of Avaya, Cisco and NEC phone systems as well as Asterisk and  HAI (home automation) solutions. We have also done interoperability testing with excellent results for passing the Helios’ video on Digium’s Switchvox, snom One and all Epygi PBXs. Check out some interesting demonstrations of the 2N Helios product on YouTube (ABPTECHTV) including one by Cisco’s Randy Benn. This product is almost a guaranteed need for every system and is a proven complimentary product up-sale for any VAR no matter the system they work with.

2N has also come out with an expanded list of new features to make their already stellar lineup of products. This includes IP Eye, picture to email notifications, a new RFID card reader module, and IP Relay capabilities for a more secured door lock.

IP Eye- PC Software App that pops up the video from the Helios upon a call. This alleviates the user's requirement for a Video Phone. If the 'Pro" license is added you can even unlock the door via a button click that sends http commands to the unit for releasing the door strike.

IP Relay Functionality- When a customer worries that someone could simply rip the Helios off of the wall and manually close the circuit with the relay wires to open the door, you can ease their mind and explain the following feature. Now the Helios can talk to an IP Relay on the other side of the door which controls the door strike. This makes for the most secure door connection possible. Also, 2N makes Vandal Proof masks for certain Helios units for added security.

The new 2N RFID Module allows for a very quick and easy way to add wireless access capabilities to any new Helios model. Each Helios now comes with an expansion port for this module. The RFID module gets its power from the main Helios unit so the single PoE cable is all that is needed. You can also utilize proximity cards or key fobs that you may already have as long as they are 125 kHz frequency.

Click to see video of test calls and installation of the 2N Helios IP Door Phone

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