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I am writing you today to discuss an opportunity to add more value to your Asterisk IPBX system.

CyberData Paging Systems: A Modern Solution for Your Business Needs

CyberData's paging systems provide unique advantages over analog paging systems. Actually they can interconnect via SIP and even can interconnect with old analog PBX's. So this system could still be utilized if a PBX migrated to an IPBX.

These paging devices are very easy to install and to maintain and they have been successfully tested for interoperability and zone paging with Asterisk and have been shown to be compatible with most systems.

I would like to direct your attention to CyberData's VoIP Loudspeaker Amplifier. This paging device is designed for noisy environments such as mine shafts and it is built with a moister-proof enclosure to withstand dust and moisture.

Flexible Deployment Options for CyberData Paging Systems

Deploy as individual SIP devices or in multicast mode. Connect and power via Ethernet cable with POE. Use wireless and AV adapter for more remote units and mix-n-match, ceiling speakers, wall speakers, outdoor speakers and desktop units. To ensure that these paging devices are the right products for your applications, I would suggest to order some sample units for your evaluation.

Besides this paging system product line, ABP also has a VoIP door opener to locate at secure entrances that enables security to talk and see (video camera) the person requesting entrance, all compatible with your Asterisk IPBX system.

Should you want to discuss application of these peripheral solutions or have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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