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Integrated Network Management and Monitoring Solutions

Going to a customer site to fix a problem is expensive, slow and most of the time, not what you really want to do. On the other hand network security issues, equipment upgrades or topology changes can make immediate intervention a necessity.

If you are handling large multi-site projects as an integrator or if you are a managed services provider, visibility and control over all deployed customer equipment is essential at all times. At ABPTech, we have a solution that will empower you to centrally manage thousands of customer devices in the field; thus making it possible to offer exceptional service to your customers while successfully tackling complex technical and administrative challenges.


DrayTek ACSv2 Private Cloud Management


DrayTek’s TR-069 based ACS management software is available both as Private Cloud and ABP Hosted Solutions, and supports all current DrayTek routers and firewalls, plus some new switch and AP management features. It provides integrators a real-time monitoring, configuration and management platform. ACS-SI even ties into IPTechViewTM, ABP Tech's multi-vendor monitoring platform, giving partners a powerful and complete mobile enabled tool set.

Draytek ACS is available to ABPTech's resellers and integrators as a hosted product, or can be purchased and installed as a private solution for a specific account. This effectively enables partners to access all their customer routers at any time with the level of privacy, security and redundancy they need. In both cases, the software license and annual maintenance are nominal compared to similar offerings in the market.














The ACS platform is multi-tenant, so as an ABP's Reseller or IP TechPartnerTM you can manage all your customers from within one account, while giving different levels of privileges to your IT team. Privileges can be set for monitoring only, or for both monitoring and configuration changes. You can even share accounts and privileges with your client’s internal IT teams if necessary.

At a glance, you can see the status and activity of any DrayTek router anywhere on the Internet, as well as receive alerts if a device has gone offline. VPN status and setup is also simplified within ACS-SI with a simple drag-and-drop system between routers.

ACS-SI allows mass firmware upgrades of all deployed customer devices or global configuration changes, as well as an easy access to any individual router's configuration. Real-time and periodic reports enable you to know traffic volumes and activity at all sites.


IPTechView RMM


ABP's new IPTechViewTM provides a top level overlay for remote monitoring of multi-vendor critical equipment, and ties in seamlessly into Draytek's ACSv2 for device management. Stay tuned for more information on this upcoming service.














DrayTek Access Point Management (APM)

If your customers are tired of spotty or irregular WiFi, it’s time to upgrade to an all DrayTek WiFi network for a smooth WiFi experience by bundling DrayTek APs with DrayTek SMB routers and switches. Enjoy the ease of plug-and-play installation and management for all your DrayTek access points from one central interface with the built-in mini WiFi controller on DrayTek SMB routers. 








Built-in WiFi Controller

  • Plug-and-play AP installation
  • AP Monitoring
  • AP Roaming
  • AP traffic Graphs
  • Batch AP Maintenance
  • AP Load-Balancing


DrayTek Switch Management

Central Switch Management provides a convenient and easy way to manage and configure DrayTek Switches. Instead of logging into each of these switches and working through their configuration settings, you can log into the router that has integrated management for all the linked DrayTek Switches.











For instance you can create VLANs to provide a number of virtual networks within an organization, or to view status of attached switches from within the router console. This will simplify the VLAN configurations and reduce troubleshooting efforts.

Call us today and we will help you take your customer experience to the next level with our DrayTek Integrated Network Management Solutions!


By Mrunmayee Athawalé


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