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Innovation the Path to Profits & more Fun

We know that innovation creates profits however sometimes inertia keeps us on the trotten path and we end up selling the same old products, become a me too, or worse sell on price. This is not only financially bad but also boring. It's much more profitable and fun to step into the future!

In the world of IP it's insane not to innovate. IP is all about new possibilities and opportunities. There is no money in selling boxes that people can buy off the Internet or in replicating an old phone system that still works. On the other side the potential is huge. What about boosting your customers profits by increasing their productivity and helping them improve some of their processes, empower them to provide better service to their customers or do something off the wall they couldn't even dream of.

 * To see customer records when they call was always the dream of CTI but integration was not easy. Today with web based software applications and XML in your IP Phone it's much easier to interact with the IT system.

 * Can you imagine a single receptionist opening the doors of a hundred branch offices? Easy SIP IP cameras! Would IP cameras at entrances make customers and employees feel safer? Wouldn't retail business locations prefer to see people before they let them in? How about having the ability to check who enters an leaves branch offices at what time and keep a record for 3 months or a year?

 * Customers that gets a lot of calls for tracking information, balances or other data what if the IP PBX based on DID and account number could offer to read out Text to Speech the data. One of our customers build this solution for a small rural utility company.

 * Most customers will dump their voice mail after you showed them how you talk to Microsoft Exchange 2007.

 * Tell me about a single customer of yours that wouldn't like to have an UNINTERUPTABLE and more FAIL SAFE INTERNET?  Does being DOWN and OFF LINE affect their profits? Why are you not selling this?

 * Would customers see value if you could perceivably accelerate their WAN throughput and guarantee them better overall QOS and a balanced and managed WAN without adding more bandwidth?  Today all applications compete equally for Bandwidth - it's the Wild West out there and the WAN needs to be managed. Why are you waiting for another guy to sell them this solution?

At ABP we spend months testing not only products but their real life applications and inter-operability. We try to only sell products that have proven usable and are supportable by our staff. (We eat our own dog food.) Do Smart people need training? The smarter they are the more they will value their time. If they can learn from the experience of others you bet they will! 

Talk to your contact at ABP and plan to join us for training sessions on the product lines your interested in learning more about. We try to squeeze as much know-how into a short block of time and place different related training offers back to back to make it more effective. Webinars can save you reading time but only face to face training will convey experience. ABP has a mix of free and for charge training offerings that will prepare you to deploy solutions, safely knowing where and how to install as well as provide you with valuable sales related details and priceless application experience.

The beauty of IP communications and IP technology is that it provides wonderful building blocks. We already put a lot of care in choosing the best ones we could find, we are there to validate your visions (Free pre-sales support) and if problems arise during the construction. (You have ABP support packages or subscriptions)

Your customers need your creativity and innovation - they are waiting for you!


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