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How to Deliver IP Telephony in Harsh Environments

Have you ever needed to deliver voice-over-IP traffic to outdoor endpoints?  What about emergency phones in such places as parking lots, roadsides, or rail right of ways?  How can you provide IP-telephony services within underground tunnels or other locations where environmental factors are beyond your control?

ALL-IP. The recent and continuing expansion of ALL-IP networking means voice terminals everywhere need to be adapted to VoIP.  Yet most—if not all—voice media gateways on the market today are designed for installation in an office, IT closet, or similar indoor location where heating and cooling systems are in place. So how do you deliver ALL-IP telephony in harsh outdoor or industrial environments? Is there a solution?

Challenges. In order to meet such challenges, we need a ruggedized VoIP gateway designed to operate in extreme temperatures and high humidity. What if there were an industrial—or military-grade—VoIP CPE that could even withstand the shock and vibration encountered in vehicle-mounted applications? Well now, the good news is…  such a product has arrived. Finally!

Housed in a hardened metal enclosure, the SN4140E device is designed to withstand shock (IEC 60068-2-27), vibration (IEC 60068-2-6), extreme temperatures (-40 to +70o C), up to 85% humidity (conformal coating option protects up to 100%), condensation, and frost.

DIN-rail mounting and shelf mounting are supported. 12-48 VDC terminal block power input is standard, while an AC-to-DC adapter with a screw-down plug fastener is also supplied.

Protection against power spike and surge is also built in according to MIL STD 1275.

Offering flexible combinations of up to eight analog (POTS) FXS and FXO interfaces, Patton’s industrial gateway provides interconnection and conversion between modern IP-based Voice networks using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and traditional analog phones, analog PBX equipment or PSTN lines.


What do you think?

Have you ever had to turn down a project because the phones were located in a harsh environment?

Do you have any current application requirements where might you employ such a ruggedized VoIP gateway as described in this post?

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Source: Patton - W. Glendon Flowers

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