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Go Farther: Introducing Sierra Wireless

For 20 years, Sierra Wireless® has been providing mission-critical connectivity to some of the largest organizations in the world.  Sierra Wireless is likely a name you already know and it is now available through ABP Technology.  We are proud to partner with this manufacturer to bring you intelligent wireless gateways.  These gateways enable solutions for primary or backup network connectivity when you need to connect and traditional sources are too expensive or far away to acquire.  Sierra Wireless also provides high availability and reliability for your applications and business continuity plans.  These products are interoperable with standard Ethernet routers and residential gateways to enable customers and network operators to use public wireless networks for a multitude of solutions - whether it's a network, a PC, or a stand-alone device.  Accelerate your time-to-market by quickly deploying internet connectivity, location-based services, and remote monitoring through AirLink® intelligent gateways.  


Primary Network Connections

Backup Network Connections

Automation or IoT

Public Safety Vehicles, Utility Vehicles, Oil/Gas Sites, Agriculture, Vending Digital Signage, Security (Cameras)

Secondary ISP where disparate or Out of Band network redundancy is preferred.

Remote devices like sensors, cameras, Solar Systems,

Traffic Systems,

Pump Controllers,

Roadside Signage, Oil/Gas, Industrial



Sierra Wireless brings ease of use and management to your solutions

Rugged Gateways That Stay Connected

AirLink® gateways can be deployed without any programming and are built with the intelligence to always stay connected.  Relied upon every day in remote outdoor locations, in vehicle applications, and retail chains, they securely connect people, equipment, and services.  


Intelligence That Accelerates Deployment

ALEOS® embedded intelligence is the power behind AirLink® gateways that enables them to connect with industrial, enterprise, and mobile equipment out-of-the-box.  Its rich set of configurable parameters simplifies device deployment and provides a reliable, standardized experience.  


Programmability Without Any Embedded Expertise

The ALEOS® application framework and integrated development environment make it easy to process data inside an AirLink® gateway.  Collect and analyze information from connected equipment to optimize data transfers, using a simple, Lua-based scripting language.  Now you can write embedded applications without having to be a deep embedded expert.  


Remote Management That Simplifies Operations

AirVantage® Management Service is a cloud application that simplifies and scales M2M operations, allowing you to manage 1,000 devices as easy as ten.  Deploy faster and reduce your operational costs by remotely configuring, deploying, and monitoring any number of AirLink® devices "over-the-air." 


Cloud Platform to Access Your M2M Data

The AirVantage® Enterprise Platform enables you to utilize data collected from AirLink® devices to bring innovation to business processes, service applications, and revenue streams.  Offering easy access to machine data using the latest web 2.0 API standards, the cloud platform simplifies the integration of wireless data with enterprise applications.  


Why Sierra Wireless AirLink®?

  • Leaders in the Cellular Data & IoT space with 20+ years of focused experience.
  • Unmatched reliability & performance with ALEOS® Operating System and rugged gateways that stay connected.
  • Industry-leading warranty & technical support with a 3-year warranty on all models, an accelerated replacement program, and Firmware updates & technical support are included. 
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