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The Future of IP Surveillance is in the Cloud

For the integrator the real question is which platform to choose. We will show you that the answer is the right combination of three things: The right products, the right Cloud platform, and the right service level offered by the integrator.


The Right Product

In a Cloud-centric future, there will still need to be edge devices. From an economic point of view, it’s key to have high quality, long-lasting devices that do not require on-premise service. Smart, decentralized edge devices will offer faster and more reliable continuous service and even some redundancy. This prevents future customer churn and keeps support costs low. 

High edge intelligence will allow for fast response, low latency edge analytics. A good selection of well-designed quality cameras will allow for adequate product for each placement and a pleasing, timeless experience. MOBOTIX cameras fulfill all of the above. 








The Right Platform

Using the Cloud for IP surveillance at first might sound scary – and potentially risky. The initial elephant in the room is always security, bandwidth, or technical issues. Let us assure you these issues are now myths and are all either fully resolved or no big deal and will be resolved before they become an issue to you. The real issue is the impact on your business by the business model of the cloud supplier.

The Cloud (aka the Internet) is a disintermediator. It makes it easy for others to offer a service by cutting out the middleman (aka you!). The ITSP or direct cloud solution provider is a trend. Everyone now has a smartphone, goes online, uses VoIP PBXs in the Cloud, and will also use Cloud surveillance. It’s only a matter of time.

As an integrator/reseller, you want a long-time partner and ally that is fully aligned with you. What about becoming a commission-based representative for ADT, Verkada, or other “cookie-cutter” Cloud surveillance platform that own the customer relationships? They will do most of the work but also make the lion’s share of the profits and will own the customer you handed over.




Take it to the Next Level With MxMSP & MxLINQ!

Let us show you how IPTechView’s MxMSP/MxLINQ platform lets you be the owner of your relationships and empowers you to keep full control of relationship and of the Cloud and how our platform will become your path to growth and success.

In the coming years, most end users will be searching for Cloud solutions and will be confronted with the decision to pick a solution either from a pure-play Cloud service company like Verkada, and many others to come, or to work with a reseller/integrator that offers them a higher level of service, integration, and understanding of their industry’s needs.

The future opportunities for integrators will be customers that need something special. Those that need better integration, customizations, controls, IoT connectivity, AI, analytics – and more – things that align with their company’s needs beyond video.











You Have so Much to Offer!

You need to be offering this level of service. Put yourself in the position to manage and control your customer’s complete infrastructure and on-premise equipment, keep local capacity, offer integrations, and – most important – offer your own service bundled to a branded Cloud experience and keeps you owning the owner customer relationship. 

IPTechView’s MxMSP/MxLINQ is a platform to make it easy for you to develop and deliver what your customer needs. It’s designed so that you can offer your own managed services experience to your surveillance customers. MxLINQ Cloud is your vehicle to deliver a branded video surveillance experience that includes all of your own services. 



Today’s Businesses Need Technology More Than Ever & Technology-Savvy Integrators Play a Key Role

You have a lot to offer your customers and all you need is a tool and a reliable channel to deliver services to your customers. This is the mission of IPTechView's MxMSP and MxLINQ and IP TechView's generic RMM platform. 

*Reps typically have little say in projects as the Cloud services company sales teams take over the deployment dialogue for their Cloud solution. Partners get a one-time commission and also, perhaps, a predetermined settled installation allowance.  

At ABP Tech, we want our partners to be – and remain – in full control of their customer projects.

Get the full story. Check out some of the other BLOGs on MxLINQ and MxMSP. Want to know more? Call ABP to ask for our next training. If you get certified on MxMSP as a MOBOTIX Partner you have free access for six months for your own in-house cameras. This FREE  MOBOTIX Partner Subscription is extended as you sell and have customers with paid subscriptions. Call your MxMSP Distributor to get registered and enrolled in the MxMSP Partner program.



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