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Face Capture & Recognition - SecurOS Face from ISS

The most accurate Face Recognition system in the world.


The ISS Face Capture & Recognition system is an effective tool providing safety and security with active or passive recognition of subjects (the subject need not know of surveillance). The system can stand alone 

for surveillance purposes or be integrated into access control or other third party systems to enhance functionality. SecurOS FACE has 95% accuracy in varying conditions and as such, is ranked amongst the highest of all Face Recognition systems.



Functionalities of the module (or system): 

• No Special Cameras Required
• Specify Customized Reactions to Positive Comparison
• Simultaneous multiple Face Detections
Face Capture during High-speed Movements
• Single Click access to video associated to faces
• Controlled Area Search & Capture
• Automatic Optimal Face Position, Transmission, & Comparison
• Multiple Camera Environment
• Remote Database Query, Monitoring & Storage
• Integrate Access Control, Biometrics & Other Devices
• High speed of identification - less than 1 second
• Instant information search in video archive
• Automatic notification (telephone, e-mail, sms, external output)
• Distributed, Modular Architecture
• Multiple Face Captures per server, unlimited number of aggregate face capture detectors within a security network all reporting to one centralized Face Recognition Database

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