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Epygi Unveils New Products and Offers FREE License Keys

Epygi Quadro PBX's are as popular as ever and ABP will be showcasing the Quadro2X in 11 different cities at our IP Sizzles Roadshows beginning this week. We are using the Epygi to connect all of our choice phones and video products at our exhibition table and there will be another Quadro being used at our Training workshop on the 2nd day of the event. We wanted to highlight the Epygi product line since it is a solid sate appliance that is fully capable of functioning with our video products since it supports the necessary video codecs that Mobotix cameras/Grandstream Video Phones/UniData WiFi Video Phones require. As a promotion for our IP Sizzles events, Epygi has announced that they will be giving away 1 FREE License Activation Key for any feature you choose with your first purchase of any Quadro PBX! These could be to expand the number of extensions on a device or to add functionality by enabling new, more powerful features. If you're not sure which Epygi product fits your customers best, just use their configurator tool to get the best product to meet their needs. This is an incredible way to kick off our shows and this special promotion will only last for the duration of our IP Sizzles Roadshows.

Another reason Epygi is getting a lot of interest and attention is because of they're new products with high-class features that usually are only found on expensive, carrier grade devices. You may be familiar with the 32x product which was designed for large scaled applications and is very feature rich with enterprise level capabilities. This is perfect for 'call center' types of applications but if you wanted the advanced functionality and features for a smaller application there really wasn't an alternative.. until now. Recently at VoiceCon, Epygi unveiled the release of their new Quadro M8L. This gives you all of the advanced features of a PBX meant to serve hundreds of users in a much smaller package with a much smaller price point. This product should revolutionize the way SMB's utilize their mid-size IP-PBX. Also, Epygi has also released an iPhone App called iQall that will allow you to connect to your Quadro PBX to make and receive calls right from your phone without using your normal carrier's service. With these type of new and innovative features, it is becoming more apparent that Epygi has made a strong case for themselves to establish them as an up and coming leader in the world of IP Telephony.

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