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Digium Presents New A-Series Phones for Asterisk

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At the recent ITEXPO technology event held in the city of Fort Lauderdale FL, Digium presented the A-Series of IP telephones, a line of economical desktop phones for Asterisk users. This new family includes four models of cost-effective and high-quality phones, with a set of optimized features, which makes them the best value for their customers. “A-Series telephones complement our existing family of D Series IP phones, which will continue to serve users who want advanced applications and integrations with their Switchvox or Asterisk systems,” added Digium.


A20 A22 Digium IP Phone for Asterisk

These new phones of the Digium’s A-Series are equipped with full color screens, high definition voice, multi-line functionality, high quality components and something very important; its price is lower compared to those offered by the competition.

The optimized feature set of the A-Series phones provides IT staff with a very simple implementation and configuration process, which can be managed through a web user interface or through remote configuration files. With A- Series, day-to-day users can enjoy the essential functions that they need to perform their work intuitively and efficiently.

Digium A30 Phone


As the creator and sponsor of the Asterisk project, Digium is known for offering high quality communications products.

The new A-Series desktops continue that tradition, offering Asterisk users a phone to complete their reliable open source communications solution. In addition, when buying a Digium product, each purchase of an A-Series phone helps finance the Asterisk project, thus ensuring its permanence over time.


Some of the features of the Digium A-Series phones are:


  • A20 - Entry-level value phone 2.8-inch full-color LCD display with two lines, 100Base-T Ethernet. 
  • A22Entry-level value phone. Full LDC display 2.8-inch with two lines, gigabit LAN Ports, Ethernet 1000Base-T.
  • A25 - Mid-level phone with four lines registrations, 2.8-inch full-color LCD main screen, 2.4-inch full-color BLF screen, a  scroll key for accessing up to 30 contacts, gigabit LAN ports,  Ethernet 1000Base-T.
  • A30 - Executive-level phone with six lines registrations a 4.3-inch full-color LCD display, a scroll key for accessing up to 45 contacts, gigabit LAN ports Ethernet 1000Base-T.


Each phone of the A-Series also supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) and has electronic switch capability.



At ABP Technology, always striving to provide your business with the latest technology so that you can offer your  customers the latest solutions and always stay at the forefront, we are very pleased to announce that we have been selected   by Digium to distribute this new line of A-series phones and you may be among the first to have it at your disposal.



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Do not waste time, call us at 972-831-1600 or send an email to abplatam@abptech.com, to provide you with all the necessary information.



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