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Boost Work-from-Home Productivity: Ditch the Desk with DECT Phones

DECT Are the Best VoIP Phones When Working and Roaming Around the House


Have you ever been on a call at home working, but wanted to check on the kids in the backyard playing? More times than not, you typically have only a couple of options: put the current call on hold and step away from your workspace/office, have your fingers crossed your bluetooth headset will reach that far of range away from your desk, or take the business call on your cell.


I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t like things interrupting the flow of my conversation. It just takes unnecessary time to stop doing what you’re doing, address what you need to do, and then get back to the call. Have you done a mental calculation of how long it can take you to get back on the topic you were discussing if you or the person the other end has to make an interruption? Sure it doesn’t seem like a lot of time on that particular call of 1-4 minutes, but if you have lets ,say, 10 calls (a conservative estimation) in a day that can very well add up to almost an hour per day of lost productivity due to these “pauses” which over a week’s time is literally half of a work day of just “waiting.” DECT gives you a long-range phone system that you can rely on for trips to check on your kids in the backyard or go wherever you need to roam!


DECT Phones: Reliable Communication Beyond the Desk

DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications which is basically a radio technology for voice that cordless phones have been using. Most people who are familiar with DECT phones or technology know that it is extremely popular and useful in small-to-large areas such as manufacturing, warehouse, and hospitals because of its ability to have range across these large landscapes and ability to go between floors if you are a medical professional. What’s impressive is that DECT phones have a battery that can last for up to 12 hours (depending on the phone, of course!).


Free Yourself While Working From Home with DECT Phones

The best part about DECT is that you can use this very same technology in your home and you can free your cell phone and/or headset that you’ve most likely been plugging away with since you’ve been working from home and still keep the ability to roam and get things done around the home and in your yard while you are working. And, no, this is not your parent’s cordless phone that would only have range for a certain amount of feet before the call quality became horrible or the battery would die within 2 hours. It gives you the flexibility to get other things done and then gives accountability (log/track calls) to your company that you are still handling business and being productive as you provision DECT through your company’s PBX.


Top Picks: Yealink DECT Phones for Remote Work

We’ve rolled up our sleeves and have done our homework with these DECT phones and have matched them with their ideal environments. The Yealink W60P is definitely a top performer when it comes to remote working for functionality and the best bang for your buck. It has full HD call quality while handling a heavy call load (up to 18 hours talk time) and 240 hours of standby time. The range for the phone can be up to several hundred feet in distance which can help you accomplish most. Another great benefit of these phones is that they can be easily deployed to any new employees that come onboard who will be working remotely (via leveraging our ZTP technology) that would like to have an alternative option to a regular desk phone. The Yealink family of DECTs have options that fit specifically for multiple scenarios and environments and at a reasonable cost.


After reading this, you’re probably thinking, How soon can I get a DECT phone?! Contact our sales team directly at sales@abptech.com or (972) 831-1600 to get your hands on one to test out or simply go to partnerstore.abptech.com to place an order and get it ZTP now!

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