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Canadian Babytel expands Residential VoIP into US with the help of ABP

VDS, operating as Babytel, one of Canadas succesful VoIP Carriers, started expanding their operations into the United States and selected ABP Technology for fullfilment and provisioning.

ABP's streamlined fullfilment process enables VDS to efficiently communicate their online drop-ship orders. ABP provides for same-day ground or air shipment with VDS' proprietary provisioning parameters. ABP's automated Quality Control process includes a standard test call on every unit before shipment providing 100% quality assurance for the shipped item. This means VDS should have almost no DOA and very high customer satisfaction rates.

"Considering the high cost of customer aquisition it is very important for us to offer best quality and ABP helps us achieve this," says Johnathan Schacter, CFO of VDS. "ABP enabled us to offer a world-class order processing, provisioning and fulfillment process without adding any extra headcount or having to acquire out brick and mortar facilities in the US."

VDS will initially be servicing accounts of its many Canadian residential and business consumers living near the US Canadian border as well as expanding into new areas throughout the US as a high-quality VoIP carrier.

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