IP Technology Distribution

3CX, Grandstream and Patton - A winning combination!

Serving Telephony Resellers, MSPs and ITSPs with CPE Equipment

Grandstream's Full Line of IP Phones

Grandstream offers one of the most complete IP product lines, from ATAs to a full line of IP phones, including a new award winning DECT line. With 8 years of experience manufacturing IP Phones, Grandstream has proven itself as both an innovator and a price leader. Discover how Grandstream can be used on many softswitches including Metaswitch and Broadsoft and how ABP's complete CPE fulfillment and reverse logistics service will save you money.

Patton Gateways for ITSPs
Many SIP trunk service providers still need to connect to legacy PBXs. Instead of leaving SIP Trunk compatibility, interoperability and gateway configuration to chance consider taking ABP's approach of concentrating on Patton and making this carrier grade and scalable gateway line your solution. Configuration becomes cookie cutter, support is based on a common and standardized solution across your network and ABP will provide you all pre-configuration, remote installation support and logistics.

Windows-Based 3CX IP PBX
For today's small and medium businesses, implementing a software based Business Telephone System - like the 3CX Phone System for Windows on their own server or in the cloud offers many benefits over traditional systems including:

  • Cost savings
  • Scalability
  • Easier Management
  • Robust Feature Sets
  • Enhanced Worker Productivity

Yet for many businesses, a complete overhaul of their existing telephony infrastructure may not initially be the most desirable approach.Combining 3CX with Patton's SmartNode Gateways and Grandstream phones, resellers and MSPs can create an attractive IP solution that most companies understand and can easily support. By installing a SmartNode Gateway, small and medium Enterprises around the world are adding benefits of a software-based IP PBX while continuing to use their trusted PSTN lines and phone equipment even while adding new SIP trunks.

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