IP Technology Distribution

Patton Electronics is a leader in enabling technologies for Unified Communications and Industrial Network Solutions with products and software installed and operating in service provider, industrial and business networks all over the world

The SmartNode VoIP gateway products from Patton enable coexistance of legacy telephony systems and migration to ALL-IP telephony. Patton offers a full range of enterprise session border controller solutions that are ideas for securing and enhancing quality and serviceability of ALL-IP communication systems as well as supporting hybrid multi-vendor networks. The virtual SmartNode is a virtual CPE that functions as a virtualized eSBC, virtual access router, a virtual VPN server, and/or a IPv6 to IPv4 Converter - a transition mechanism that facilitates enterprise migration from IPv4 to IPv6.

ABP has selected Patton for their high-quality products starting from well designed and robust hardware, and highly reliable software. ABP handles the complete line of VoIP products including Patton's SN200 VoIP adapter, SN4140 FXS/FXO gateway, SN4740 High Density Analog gateway, and the SN4170 to PRI gateway. ABP also offers Patton's popular line of Ethernet Extension products.

We are proud to be able to offer Patton's "Made in USA" products for mission critical communications applications and for all infrastructure solutions where robustness is not an option.








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