Patton Virtual SmartNode

The Virtual SmartNode (vSN) is a virtual CPE, designed to run in virtualized enterprise networks, telephony service provider data centers, cloud-provider infrastructure, and other environments. The vSN can act as a session border controller (SBC) for SIP Trunk solutions, an IP access router, or a VPN server.

As a purely OPEX solution, the vSN can also act as a gateway between IPv4 and IPv6 networks to provide interoperability. Patton’s virtual CPE eliminates the hardware limitations that often impede application performance. One centralized portal delivers multiple solutions.





Automatically distributes licenses as needed, enabling you to easily scale up or down SBC services on SmartNode virtual and hardware CPEs.



Deploy as many virtual CPEs as needed for the low cost of a vSN license per seat.




The same feature-rich software used for the CPEs is also available for use in virtualized environments for a high level of scalability and service availability.



Network separation with SIP Back 2 Back UA, intrusion protection, DoS prevention, trust peer, Signaling encryption (SIP-TLS), Stateful Firewall.


Harmonized installation with no need for pCPE (purpose-built CPE) simplifies set up.



As with all hardware SmartNode CPE devices, the vSN is certified for use with all Softswitch, PBX and IP Phone brands including Broadsoft, 3CX, Metaswitch and many more.






















The Virtual SmartNode is designed to run in virtualized enterprise networks, telephony service provider datacenters, cloud provider infrastructure, etc. Addressing varying call capacity needs from clients can easily be done, scaling up and down the required licenses on the virtual SmartNode using a floating license model through the Patton Cloud. The Patton Cloud automatically distributes the obtained licenses to where they are needed (vSN and other Patton devices).

This enables you to easily scale up/down SBC services on Virtual SmartNodes but also on regular SmartNode devices. 


Virtual SmartNode Acting as IP Access Router



Virtual SmartNode Acting as VPN Server




Virtual SmartNode Acting as IPv4 to IPv6 Nework Gateway











Ordering Information

These are the following use cases for Virtual SmartNode:

• SIP Trunking
• Hosted PBX
• IP Router
• VPN Server
• IPv4 to IPv6 Network Gateway


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