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  • PLANET - Green Technology Facts of Planet Ethernet and POE Switches

    Green Network

    Along with the IP product innovations, PLANET has been striving to provide energy-saving and green design networking and communication equipment to users worldwide. PLANET’s innovative solution on Green Networking includes zero-carbon solar power products, Power over Ethernet products, and less power consumed adapter / equipment.


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  • Go Green with low Power Mobotix Cameras

    Green IP Video by MOBOTIX

    The modern, network-based video security technology offers numerous advantages to use energy efficiently. Due to the special product and system properties, the decision to install MOBOTIX video sytems is also a decision for Green IP Video: low power consumption and environmental friendly because of long life expectancy and minimal amount of materials involved.


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  • PLANET - Green Technology Devices

    To fulfill the increasing demand of network installation in remote area, PLANET has developed an Industrial Solar Power PoE Switch that utilizes a Zero-Carbon emission source - the sun light, and incorporates the high power PoE technology to enable network deployment anywhere without any obstacles of geographical barrier. PLANET Industrial Solar Power PoE Switch provides hassle-free and maintenance-free solution for networks in need of fast connectivity, great flexibility and reliability, such as remote monitoring and long distance wireless communication.

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