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    Integrating Security - Logistics company takes advantage of information management solutions


    ProTrans provides transportation and third-party logistics services that meet the shipping needs for manufacturers throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada. Its recently opened facility in Laredo, Texas, is used to store parts, widgets, pieces, returned products and other accessories that customers rely on ProTrans to package and ship to manufacturing facilities on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border.

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    ISONAS Joins Forces with Milestone to Redefine Video & Access Control Integration; Forming One Powerful Solution

    Leading Colorado-based access control manufacturer integrates with Milestone world-leading IP video management software to deliver a unique integrated solution that is redefining the security industry 

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    Access and Video in one integrated system

    You may know that ABP carries App-Techs servers, ISONAS access control and Milestone VMS software but did you know that by using MXPBridge you can integrate ISONAS directly into Milestone running on App-Techs servers using Milestone MXPBridge?


    Bridge between Milestone XProtect and Access Control Systems

    MXPBridge (Data Bridge for Milestone XProtect) is a middleware application that leverages the Openness of Milestone XProtect to provide powerful integrated solutions - limited only by your imagination!

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    Brickcom Cameras and Milestone VMS

    Brickcom cameras are all certified and natively integrated into the Milestone platform which is easy to use, yet powerful software that is designed with open architecture. This assures the full capabilities of the cameras are available in a solution marrying Brickcom and Milestone together. Check out the reasons we think Brickcom should be a camera brand of choice in your next surveillance solution.

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    "Think Bigger” with Integrated Video and Access Control

    ISONAS Pure IP Access Control: “Think Bigger” with Integrated Video and Access Control

    IP Surveillance and Pure IP Access Control are making waves in the market!

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