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    Crime Prevention the MOBOTIX Way

    Would you rather catch a crime of vandalism or theft on your property or prevent it completely? That’s the question that Steven Rosenbloom, ex-law enforcement who is now a BDM for MOBOTIX, discusses in this blog post.

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    New MOBOTIX Planning Tool for Lens Selection

    Knowing how challenging it sometimes can be to assess a client's situation correctly, Mobotix just introduced a couple of new planning tools helping you with this task:

    MX Planning Tool Optics

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    ABP now offers pre-formatted microSD cards for MOBOTIX cameras

    Recording directly to a MOBOTIX camera while certainly convenient, can be a big time hog.  Mobotix uses their own MxFS files system that is more fault tolerant then Fat32 or NTFS and thus the cards must be formatted.  A format to a 128GB card can take several hours.  ABP now carries 64 and 128GB preformatted microSD cards at quite competitive prices to save you time and thus money.

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    Integrating Security - Logistics company takes advantage of information management solutions


    ProTrans provides transportation and third-party logistics services that meet the shipping needs for manufacturers throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada. Its recently opened facility in Laredo, Texas, is used to store parts, widgets, pieces, returned products and other accessories that customers rely on ProTrans to package and ship to manufacturing facilities on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border.

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    MOBOTIX introduces storage failover in Firmware update

    Mobotix just released a new firmware update for all 15 and 25 series models with many new features including:

    ·         Support of the Cameras M15D-Thermal and S15 with Thermal Image Modules

    ·         Extended Options for Image Control of Thermal Image Sensors

    ·         OpenVPN Client for Secure Camera Access

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    Configuring MOBOTIX T25 with Grandstream GXV3140

    We hope this blog post will help you install a T24/T25 system which incorporates a Grandstream GXV3140 phone.  Before starting, please read these important statements carefully:

    In order to use the auto-configuration feature of the T24/T25 camera, please make sure that a router is included into the setup.  Otherwise, the auto-config will not work.

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    Applications for the Mobotix Thermal M15

    The Mobotix M15 with Thermal sensor is a great product but what situations require a thermal solution?  Thermal cameras work by detecting heat and thus can tell if a person is in the image by the heat radiated off us humans (I assume all reading this are human anyway).  Perimeter protection is an obvious application but other applications include anywhere detecting temperature is desirable.

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    MOBOTIX Presents Its First Thermographic Camera M15 Thermal


    MOBOTIX presents its first thermographic camera M15D-Thermal, demonstrates its current camera platform with 5-megapixel technology and introduces new software developments as well as solutions in the area of building technology.

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    Mobotix LPR Setup Guide from MxInstaller

    Here is a link to our new MOBOTIX ANPR Guide version 2…


    (no log in required to access).


    This is an upgrade to our previous ANPR Guide.  We’ve added 22 pages 

    and included the configuration process for the new 5-mgapixel platform.  


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    MOBOTIX January & February 2014 Webinars

    Knowledge is power! Lets start this new year strong, please find below six MOBOTIX webinars, great information to jump start the MOBOTIX sales for 2014!

    MOBOTIX New Products

    Register for this session now by clicking the link below:

    Fri, Jan 10, 2014 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST

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