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    End-of-Sale Notice Roadmap with Replacement Products

    snom has officially released the product roadmap for their IP phone line for hte next six months:












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    snom Update Q1

    What's new at snom? 

    As one of our long-time snom customers we wanted to give you a brief update on what's new at snom.

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    Snom 700 phones are interoperable with Epygi IPBX Family

    Award-winning desktop phones and IP PBXs combine to provide resellers and end users with an affordable, feature-rich, complete telephony solution

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    Snom dialplan, eliminate the need for pressing the OK button

    Snom supports a simple dialplan that can be configured under

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    JUST ANNOUNCED- snom IP Phones are now Microsoft Lync Certified Devices!

    We all knew this would come sooner or later. Due to the popularity and demand for further OCS support on snom phones Microsoft has officially certified snom products to tie along with the increasingly popular Microsoft Communications Platform. Snom VoIP phones will now enter in the OCS/Lync game which we all know was severely limited in options until now. There will no longer be a need to spend several hundred dollars on a specific phone simply because it was the only certified choice.

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    Create a custom skin for your snom IP phone

    create your individual snom phone design

    The new trend in Europe is for Desktop IP Phones to set an accent for with creative customs skins.

    snom IP phones have an HD quality sound system and speakers and by most specialist in the field boast the best SIP software and they can be customized to look just like you want them!

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    Connect your snom phone to the Microsoft® Office Communication Server 2007!

    The snom OCS Edition (snom Open Communication Solution Edition) combines the advantages of the open IP telephony standard SIP with the integration into Microsoft®'s Office Communication Server 2007. snom phones are the first open-standard SIP phones with native Microsoft® Office Communication Server 2007 integration.

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    SP01 - How to re-flash snom phone firmware with TFTP

    How to update snom phone firmware with TFTP

    Doing this will reset the phone parameters to factory defaults. Including IP/Netmask/etc.

    Snom phones are designed to be able to upgrade their software automatically over the Internet.

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    Green VoIP with snom

    “Green IT“  is the hot topic in information technology – not just during the CeBIT.  A sustainable and encompassing “green strategy“  does not stop at energy-saving servers, computers, and monitors, but also includes phone communications.

    With snom VoIP phones you can be certain that you are also conserving energy when making calls!


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    Choose your IP Phone wisely

    The choice of IP phone is more important than the choice of your IP PBX solution. Open Standard based phones that operate vendor independently are a long-term asset protection since they can be used with any standards based IP-PBX system. The smarter the IP phone, the better.


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