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    Epygi Quadro Gateways

    No Matter What Your Bandwidth Connection, Epygi has Your Gateway to the Internet.

    At the most basic level, the job of the VoIP gateway is to do just as the name suggests: convert the regular analog voice borne by the traditional telephone network into IP data packets for transmission on the Internet and vice versa. Of course, Epygi never does anything at a basic level. Epygi Gateways offer built-in auto-configuration, firewall and secure VPN support, call quality enhancements and even PBX functions like auto-attendant, voice mail and call statistics.
    The bonus features come in handy when you use Quadro gateways to integrate branch offices onto the company IP PBX network. They're valuable for migrating your legacy PBX onto the Internet. And they're keen for service providers delivering voice applications via the Web.
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    Snom 700 phones are interoperable with Epygi IPBX Family

    Award-winning desktop phones and IP PBXs combine to provide resellers and end users with an affordable, feature-rich, complete telephony solution

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    How to harden an Epygi Quadro against SIP attacks

    With IP telephony becoming increasingly popular, it attracts the attention of those who would like to make free calls at other people's expense. SIP devices are often continuously attacked, with the intent of finding the username/password of accounts on the device, thus allowing them to make free unauthorized calls from the device at the owner’s expense.

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    Epygi Releases New iPhone App: Introducing iQall

    Epygi is making it even easier to love their Quadro PBX's. They recently developed a new iPhone App that will not only increase productivity but it is possible that it could save your customers and their companies a great deal of expense. Using iQall, you can 'hot desk' your work extension straight to your iPhone. This means you could dial an extension of a co-worker from your cell phone anywhere you may be if you have a GSM plan from your service provider.

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    Epygi Releases New Quadro M8L PBX with Advanced Capabilities







    Epygi recently introduced the QuadroM8L, which is intended to cover an office from 32 to 98 users. It offers eight (8) FXO CO lines or six (6) ISDN BRI interfaces and supporting 98 user extensions. The starting IP Phone capacity is 32 IP Phone ports expandable up to 96 IP Phone ports. Also available are two (2) FXS ports for analog devices such as modems or fax machines.

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    Epygi Unveils New Products and Offers FREE License Keys

    Epygi Quadro PBX's are as popular as ever and ABP will be showcasing the Quadro2X in 11 different cities at our IP Sizzles Roadshows beginning this week. We are using the Epygi to connect all of our choice phones and video products at our exhibition table and there will be another Quadro being used at our Training workshop on the 2nd day of the event

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    Tips on Making Profits Selling VoIP Solutions

    6½ Mistakes to Avoid When Selling VoIP

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    Manage a large multisite PBX network

    Larger multisite phone system deployments are a challenge both during initial setup and future management. ABP has researched several solutions for systems to enable larger rollouts and we like Epygi's QCC solution for a large federated network of small IP PBXs. Ideal for retail or multi branch office rollout.

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