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How to enable Bridge Mode on the DrayTek 2925 router

Sometimes you need to setup your DrayTek router as a transparent bridge, so that the devices connected to its LAN can access Internet directly with a public IP address. If this feature is enabled, your LAN devices can either receive a DHCP IP address from your Internet provider directly, or can be setup with a static public IP address.

This feature is useful in scenarios where you are installing DrayTek 2925 in a network with an existing router or firewall, since the 2925 router can now pass the public IP directly to the firewall or router connected to its LAN port. But the second WAN port on the 2925 router and two USB dongles for 4G LTE dongles, will let you easily add network redundancy to the existing network.




Note: After enabling Bridge mode in the DrayTek 2925 router, in order to connect to the router's GUI for management, set your PC with a static IP address in the router's LAN subnet. 



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