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Moving MOBOTIX into the Cloud

Ever wanted a simpler way to configure, manage and monitor your MOBOTIX cameras and affiliated physical security efforts? If your answer is "yes", then MxMSP™ is the perfect tool for you!

IPTechView™ created MxMSP™ to take the unique decentralized MOBOTIX system into the Cloud and elevate MOBOTIX solutions to a new level of partner and end user experience.

Secure Cloud access makes MOBOTIX installations and maintenance much easier and faster, reducing costs and increasing end user satisfaction.

Make more money and scale your business by winning projects while utilizing fewer resources.


What is MxMSP™?

With MxMSP™, integrators and partners have the capability to remotely - and securely - monitor and manage all their MOBOTIX installations and provide customers with an exceptional level of service and speed in incident resolution. MxMSP™ also serves to educate end users on their system uptime, incidents resolved and online or on-premise time spent on maintenance and special projects. 

It's SIMPLE - MOBOTIX IP video surveillance cameras can be delivered MxMSP™-Ready, meaning they are pre-configured to easily add to a customer's account just by clicking a pull-down menu!

It's SCALABLE - MxMSP™ enables MOBOTIX partners to add as many cameras and locations per customer as desired. MxMSP™ is perfect for any customer and any size camera deployment!

It's SECURE - Backed by Amazon Web Services (AWS), MxMSP™ relies on one of the world's strongest cloud-service network partners to ensure that all partners, customers and end users are protected by the latest security.


What are the benefits of MxMSP™?

  • Save costs, de-risk, simplify and speed-up initial MOBOTIX camera installations
  • Manage all aspects of a customer's IP video camera deployment remotely and securely
  • No single point of failure
  • No extra hardware
  • Move from the "break-fix" customer model to a preventive maintenance model
  • Have personal and direct access to MOBOTIX system functionality and peace of mind feedback with real-time system health status
  • Be empowered with privacy choices, event-driven SMS notifications and the ability to communicate with their technology partner on their device of choice
  • Have Cloud Recording, Cloud Storage and other features available to send uers on MxLINQ™ - MxMSP™'s easy-to-use companion app - taking end users' MOBOTIX experience to a whole new level
  • Generate recurring monthly revenue with a subscription-based service


Generating Recurring Monthly Revenue

MxMSP™ empowers MOBOTIX partners to increase revenue potential by:

  • Helping partners expand their business model to include more Managed Services income
  • Making the MOBOTIX solution more intuitive and user-friendly
  • Putting the unique functionality of MOBOTIX in the hands of the users


Main Features

MxMSP™ is an ever-expanding cloud toolbox for the MOBOTIX ecosystem including:

Security Element Management System

The secure Element Management System functionality enables partners to access all intelligent MOBOTIX and integrated Third-party elements remotely to configure and manage them as well conduct remote configuration and firmware updates. 

Multi Vendor Remote System Health Monitoring

MxMSP™ Multi-Vendor Remote Monitoring provides MOBOTIX partners peace of mind that they will know if there is a problem at any of MOBOTIX customer installation.


Predictive & Preventive Maintenance

Predictive & Preventive Warnings and Alerts enable a high SLAs and make MOBOTIX solutions uniquely suited for mission critical deployments by replacing the  industry “break-fix cycle” with proactive maintenance.



Tools Including SLA Reports & Billing

MxMSP™ not only helps partners lower the cost of providing these services, improve overall speed and quality of service, but also provides tools to show customers their Service Level. This helps prevent customer churn and maintain a higher service income. MxMSP™ includes reporting and billing enablement tools. (Data Export and API for billing software integration are being finalized.)


End User Link to Access System Functionality

MxMSP™ offers end users a personal link to access the full functionality of their MOBOTIX system on the device of their choice without requiring MOBOTIX partner intervention on these devices. 


Cloud Storage & Analytics

On-premise video storage and retention can be taken to the next level by adding cloud-based recording of select or all video streams in the cloud. MxMSP™ offers a wide range of solutions to adapt to bandwidth limitations and customer requirements.








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