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Why Kentix is the Best Elevated Temperatuer Pre-screening Solution for Indoor Spaces

We are proud to have an IP based pre-screening product that provides an extra layer of protection you can offer to your customers.

The Kentix SmartXcan is more effective, simpler, and reliable than any other solution on the market. First, it is not a thermal camera but a lower resolution thermal sensor, algorithmic AI combined with a time of flight laser sensor similar to the one in modern smartphones to measure the distance for focusing and flash.

Read why Kentix Thermal Radiometry sensors are valuable to pre-screening and reducing the risk of contagion.

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We believe the KENTIX SmartXcan is unique in the market and probably the most reliable and fastest to deploy solution for pre-screening elevated body temperature.


Kentix SmartXcan "Need to Know"

As we deal with post-COVID normals, the Kentix SmartXcan will help you evaluate those entering your business for elevated body temperature to help you ensure everyone is in a safe environment. To get started, you'll need to make sure you follow a few helpful tips, including observing the warmup phase, turning on Tamper Protection, firmware updates, and proper testing. Making sure you have the right settings in place will help make sure your SmartXcan is set to run smoothly. These helpful tips will set you up for success!

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SmartXcan Stands

The new elegant, powder-coated SmartXcan steel stands made in the U.S. that are designed to Kentix specs are now available. In many settings a stand is better than a wall mount solution. It offers more flexibility which is particularly important during early phases of projects and multi-site deployments. Kentix SmartXcan units on this stand look purposeful, will raise the status of your project, and will help reduce risks by eliminating the problem of where exactly to mount it.

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Kentix SmartRelay - Access Control

Retrofit an existing solution for the Kentix SmartXcan with the SmartRelay which can control up to 2 via daisy-chaining. It is super flexible and easy to install. But the SmartXcan isn't the only reader solution for the SmartRelay. Find out what other reader solutions Kentix offers.

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Partner Feedback on SmartRelay

Our Canadian partner Clearly Insight from Winnipeg has nothing but great things to say about the exciting new Kentix SmartRelay solution!

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How to Get Support If Needed

Kentix SmartXcans are usually easy to deploy and provide a very binary solution: elevated body temperature alert or no alert. However, in certain situations external factors can influence a system and cause problems which usually can be resolved. In these situations, having access to local U.S.-based tech-support is very important.

ABP provides direct tech support to all integrators/partners buying from us. To request support, start by opening a trouble ticket on our website under support. Our team will attempt to get back with you the same day. In the event we can not resolve a particular issue locally, our U.S.-based support team will coordinate support with Kentix Support in Germany.

Please contact us if you have any questions by calling 972-831-1600, option 3 or emailing sales@abptech.com.

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