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IP Infrastructure: Wired & Wireless News

There's been many claims as to what "makes the world go 'round" in the music industry... from people, to money, to love. But in today's modern world and especially in the technology industry, we believe it's accurate to say that "Infrastructure makes the world go 'round." While everything and everyone is continually connecting to each other, integrators and service providers large and small face new challenges: the growing needs of bandwidth, security, management, environmental and physical obstacles - just to name a few.

You can have the best solutions, systems and software in the world... but if your network fails to support them, everything falls short. We see it time after time, unfortunately. The solutions you build probably don't end with your infrastructure and network; but if they don't start with it, you could be missing the boat (and $) on optimizing the projects you work so hard to create. At ABP, we're here to make that starting point easier - by providing you with an all-in-one Infrastructure Newsletter where you can discover new options in the Infrastructure world.

DrayTek Routers: Built-in Firewall, Application Enforcement, Content Filtering, Denial-of-Service Defense, and VPN & Wireless Security

DrayTek - How to Protect your Business in the Evolving Cyber Threat Landscape

With cyberattacks like WannaCry and NotPetya barely in the rearview mirror, everyone has a heightened awareness of security and possible impending scares. But how much security is really enough? This question haunts every organization, but is especially crucial for small businesses with limited security budgets. Learn how DrayTek leads the way in security by putting the following features at the forefront of their products: powerful built-in firewall, application enforcement, URL content filtering, web content filtering and DNS filtering, Denial-of-Service defense, VPN and wireless security.

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Security Made Simple with DrayTek Networks (recorded webinar)

More of a watcher than a reader? Check out Mia's recorded webinar, Security Made Simple with DrayTek Networks, where she talks about DrayTek's powerful security features that make it easy for you to protect your employees and boost productivity.

Watch webinar: Security Made Simple with DrayTek Networks


Looking for a Holistic WiFi Solution that can be Managed Remotely? EnGenius is the Answer!

The EnGenius Neutron Series make a powerful solution for integrators, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Wireless Service Providers (WISPs) to create dynamic WiFi networks that don't bog them down to have to report to location because they can be managed remotely. The line encompasses access points, switches and the ezMaster™ software that are ideal for multiple scenarios, including: single-location customers or multi-location deployments and small or large enterprise networks.

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Introducing InfiNet Wireless: Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint Solutions When Top Performance is a Must

InfiNet Wireless aims to deliver industry-leading performance, unparalleled reliability, and lowest cost-of-ownership in high-capacity wireless networking infrastructure solutions. Their wireless solutions enable businesses to build, thrive and profit because their product developments are 100% driven by the needs of customers and designed for real-world solutions in the wireless industry. To date, InfiNet Wireless has forged a solid foundation in carrier-grade fixed wireless installations, and has over 100,000 deployments all over the world.

InfiNet's R&D team focuses primarily on the optimization of complete wireless infrastructures as a whole, aiming to create a modeled network that comprises of several base stations virtually interconnected with a large number of subscriber terminals, an approach which accurately predicts a given solution's performance within a specific frequency range, in various environmental conditions and for all scenarios of spectrum availability. This is especially important for WISP that will benefit the most on creating a future-proofed wireless ecosystems.

Want to dive deeper into InfiNet's capabilities, products, case studies, and what it can do for your business? Check out our InfiNet Newsletter launching the entire line.

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The "Everything Switch": PLANET's New GS-4210 Series

PLANET has brought to market a stable and reliable switch platform: The GS-4210 Series. We like to refer to this series as "The Everything Switch" because they're viable for a wide variety of network applications. This series allows you to build reliable networks and maintain a profit margin in the hardware you provide your customers. This model series is intended for "normal" switching needs, however, PLANET offers other devices for special needs and circumstances in their complete portfolio, like: high temperature, outdoor, solar, 10G requirements, etc.

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