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As we all begin to plan and make adjustments for the 'new normal', the Kentix SmartXcan body temperature sensor offers a groundbreaking screening solution for limiting transmission of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

Fevers continue to be one of the leading symptoms of COVID-19. With over 1,000 measuring points, the Kentix SmartXcan body temperature sensor provides contactless measurements via the eyes and forehead. Based on the sensor readings, the Kentix SmartXcan can be configured to admit or refuse entry.

Kentix's SmartXcan body temperature sensor can monitor up to 700 people per hour. With a simple, self explanatory display, it can help keep busy places moving while ensuring visitor safety.




Unlike other screening methods, this easy to install sensor is GDPR compliant and has a significantly lower price point. What's more, with the option to purchase with or without an integrated RFID reader, it can be configured to work with existing access control systems.

Want to get your hands on one? You're in luck. At this time we are offering a Startup Bundle for the SmartXcan. Click on the link below to get yours.




Need information on how to position the SmartXcan to show how you provide innovative products and services to your community? Get all the details right here.

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