Kentix SmartXcan

The Kentix SmartXcan provides the most reliable and simple solution for self-checking or combining temperature-checking with any access control system. We think Kentix today is the best solution designed for a quick, safe and reliable scan for elevated body temperature.


Kentix SmartXcan reinvents elevated temperature / fever screening. With over 1,000 measuring points, the Kentix SmartXcan body temperature sensor provides contactless measurements via the eyes and forehead. The sensor uses thermal analysis to produce high precision measurements.  Based on the sensor readings, the Kentix SmartXcan can be configured to admit/refuse entry.  With a simple, self explanatory display, it can help keep busy places moving while ensuring visitor safety.




For flexibility the Kentix SmartXcan body temperature sensor is available as a standalone product or with an integrated RFID reader (coming soon). The body temperature sensor is easy to setup, can be managed remotely and report  results over the newtork.  Installation is with a standard PoE (Power over Ethernet) switch. This sensor is provided with the required mounting bracket and hardware enabling you to be up and running in on time a option stand is alo available and will make your Kentix deployment a durable and valuable tool to ensure your teams health and productivity for many years.  



Why Kentix SmartXCan?


  • Contactless body temperature measurements
  • DSGVO-compliant operation possible, through self measurement
  • High precision measuremnet, over 1,000 measuring points
  • Manipulation protection through intel. Thermal image analysis


  • Self-explanatory user guidance throught intelligent sensor technology
  • Simple and flexible mounting
  • Live control via web browser for doormen
  • Automatic control of doors or turnstiles


  • Fast measurement in less than 1 second
  • High throughput, up to 700 individuals/hour
  • Early detection of regionally emerging fever hotspots
  • Plug & Play installation through PoE connection



What's Next? 


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