IP Technology Distribution

& Vision

We observe trends, research the market and evaluate technology and business aspects of leading players to select the top solutions for our partners.

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& Know-how

Each division and product line has experts for the different functional areas. Expand your team with our experts!

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& Tools

At ABP we live the technology we sell. We use our products in-house so we can support you.

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  • ipcom.png

    ABP Tech has created leading solutions for most B2B common IP based communications needs.

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  • ipsur.png

    HD Megapixel Video has revolutionized the world of video surveillance.

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  • ipinfra.png

    The need for a more robust and more efficient infrastructure has become apparent.

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Resellers & Service Providers

Please join us as a new reseller or service provider partner and let us together change the world of technology sales.

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