IPTECHVIEW MxLINQ is an add-on tool to securely Cloud Enable most MOBOTIX projects. With in 1-2 days you can provide customers full intuitive access to the entire Camera System!  Users get a modern user experience that includes cloud storage and an ever-expanding array of analytics on the user's device of choice from their phone to desktop. 



  • Cloud-based Video as a Service (VSaaS) solution for MOBOTIX 
  • Works from ANYWHERE, at ANYTIME, on ANY device (smartphone, tablet, desk/laptop)
  • MxLINQ can work together with MxCC and MxMC or without as a standalone Cloud VMS



From one camera and one location to hundreds of locations and thousands of cameras

Reseller partners get end users up and running in minutes and then simply send users an SMS/Email with login credentials and instructions.

IPTECHVIEW was designed as a professional cloud platform to provide secure and intuitive access for users, and enable long-term support service agreements by a local reseller they know RecentActivity™ and AlarmReady™ -- two features that provide convenience, visibility, and time saving in emergency situations

IPTECHVIEW was designed to also be a secure professional remote installation, managing and monitoring tool with special customer privacy features that help lower your installation cost, speed up project deployments and provide you with a simple and secure way to provide a new level of ultra fast mission critical support, including offering customers, your own recurring remote service and support plan.

What's Next?
MOBOTIX Partners please sign up for a test drive. As a trained and registered partner, you have access to a FREE Partner account and can connect some of your own in-house cameras. You will also get future IPTECHVIEW MxLINQ leads.
If you are a MOBOTIX User and would like to have more information reach as your Partner or call us. We are happy to connect with your current reseller partner and provide them materials and access to test your account so you can see your cameras on IPTECHVIEW MxLINQ.

Please fill out the signup form on top left of this page. 


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