IP Technology Distribution

IP Surveillance & Physical Security

HD Megapixel Video, now possible by IP technology revolutionized the world of video surveillance. High resolution quality with wider angles provide a more natural view enhancing the effectiveness of video monitoring and offering better security. Coupled with Video Analytics IP Video Surveillance creates a new world of more effective and precise surveillance solutions.

  • IP Cameras

    ABP is one of the first Distributors to embrace Megapixel IP Surveillance. We have selected the most reliable and complete IP camera solutions on the market.  With a full range of select support and add-on products, our partners can deliver reliable complete solutions.

  • Network Storage

    Megapixel cameras generate vast amounts of data. A system with many cameras will need an effective system to access and back up recorded content.

  • Video Control

    There are centralized and decentralized approaches to managing recorded video and doing analytics on video streams. At ABP we offer both solutions and will be happy to help new partners evaluate when it's best to use which approach and explain the pros and cons of each solution.

  • Access Control

    Small and medium sized businesses can also benefit from the safety and convenience of video door stations with badge readers or Biometric access solutions.

  • Cámaras IP

    ABP es uno de los primeros Distribuidores en promocionar la Videovigilancia en Megapíxeles. Hemos seleccionado las soluciones de cámaras IP más completas y confiables del mercado. Con un amplio rango de asistencia técnica de los productos y sus accesorios, para que, nuestros socios ofrezcan soluciones totales y consistentes.

  • Almacenamiento Red

    Las cámaras con Megapíxel generan una vasta cantidad de datos. Una arquitectura con muchas cámaras necesitará de un efectivo sistema para el acceso y recuperación del contenido grabado.