IP Technology Distribution

Video Control

Video Control

There are centralized and decentralized approaches to managing recorded video and doing analytics on video streams. At ABP we offer both solutions and will be happy to help new partners evaluate when it's best to use which approach and explain the pros and cons of each solution.

Genius Vision Digital - GVD

Genius Vision Digital (GVD), a well-known professional HD IP surveillance provider, has been dedicated to developing and enhancing innovative video management systems and network video recorders for large-scale, multi-site and transportation since 2007 in Taipei.


Intelligent Security Systems

ISS, one of the founders in the video security technoloyg marketplace, provides a comprehensive line of digital security and surveillance video solutions. The ISS video servers provide wide-ranging value, with specific features.


Milestone supports more camera models than any other NVR. Milestone provides an Open flexible solution to support as far as you can grow and scale.




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