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Suprema manufactures a full line of high quality low cost Biometric Access Systems

During this period of very rapid changes in innovative technology, the demand on biometric systems has been on the increase as people want to keep their lives more convenient and more secure.

 Suprema is a leading company in biometrics supplying various fingerprint products including fingerprint OEM modules and fingerprint access control systems. Our products have the following competitive advantages and benefits over its competition;

:: Top Reliability ::

As the quality of a recognition algorithm plays a key role for the success of a fingerprint product, Suprema’s No. 1 winning algorithm in a worldwide fingerprint verification competition (FVC) can present its customers with guaranteed performance and reliability.

:: Wide Flexibility ::

One of Suprema’s strengths is wide flexibility which comes from various choices of sensors and highly qualified capability for customization works. Suprema can offer its customers wide-open ways so that they can find out the tailor-made solutions for their applications.

:: Excellent Support ::

Selling a product means the beginning of the long term relations with a customer. Suprema provides various ways of customer support to the end of customer’s success. One day technical support service is Suprema’s pride that must have never been experienced before.

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