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Revolutionize Your AXIS Camera Access With IPTECHVIEW SURVEILLANCE - Cloud-Powered Simplicity And Security

Empower integrators to offer enhanced security and seamless remote access with IPTECHVIEW's Direct-Camera-to-Cloud system that simplifies operations, delivering heightened security, user-friendly access, and limitless scalability


DALLAS, Sept. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- AXIS security camera integrators are unlocking new business opportunities by incorporating IPTECHVIEW, a cutting-edge commercial cloud video surveillance solution. The partnership between AXIS and IPTECHVIEW enables integrators to offer enhanced security and remote access capabilities to their customers, catering to the evolving needs of today's hybrid work environments.

While AXIS cameras boast exceptional in-camera capabilities, accessing them directly can be complex and less user-friendly. This is where IPTECHVIEW steps in, providing a simplified user interface with comprehensive access and privilege management features. Authorized users can seamlessly access live video, and recorded video events on a timeline, and receive personalized proactive alerts.

One of IPTECHVIEW's unique approaches is its Direct Camera to Cloud system. By leveraging the IPTECHVIEW plug-in software (AXISLINQ), integrators can easily connect deployed cameras to the IPTECHVIEW Cloud Account through a secure tunnel, eliminating the need for additional gateways or servers. This streamlined approach allows cameras to operate independently, recording directly to the cloud without the need for local storage hardware, maintenance, or software updates.

The advantages of IPTECHVIEW's cloud-based approach are manifold. Firstly, the cloud offers heightened security with robust resources, scrutiny, and oversight. Additionally, IPTECHVIEW's intuitive and user-friendly interface allows secure access from anywhere and across all devices. Businesses can also generate extra income by offering ubiquitous viewing services to their customers.

"Traditional video surveillance systems were primarily limited to on-premise solutions. However, with the shift towards remote work and the growing demand for secure access, businesses of all kinds are seeking advanced cloud solutions that go beyond basic security measures. Managers, owners, and even CEOs are recognizing the value of video data for managerial tasks and situational awareness, prompting the need for business-class cloud solutions", says Robert Messer, CEO of IPTECHVIEW.

IPTECHVIEW's platform is scalable, accommodating additional AI tools, such as Automatic License Plate Recognition, but also expansion into new fields like door access control and IoT environmental sensors, all on the same platform. In essence, IPTECHVIEW combines Cloud VMS, expansion into new areas, and a powerful RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) all in one. Both, technology partners or the organization's administrators can remotely and securely manage cameras, diagnose issues, and make necessary changes, resulting in significant cost savings in installation and maintenance expenses."

AXIS integrators enjoy additional benefits when partnering with IPTECHVIEW. The platform offers functionalities similar to AXIS IP Utility but with enhanced security and no port forwarding required. It facilitates live and recorded video access, multi-site central management, and supports remote firmware updates. IPTECHVIEW seamlessly integrates with modern AXIS cameras that support ACAP and SD cards, including some NDAA-certified models.

IPTECHVIEW's design is highly scalable, with no practical storage limits, eliminating the need for additional bridges, gateways, or NAS. The innovative Just Cameras & Cloud™ architecture simplifies system design and operation. The platform combines in-camera SD card video storage with cloud storage, ensuring continued basic functionality even during internet outages and eliminating viewing gaps in cloud storage.

AXIS integrators are encouraged to experience the benefits of IPTECHVIEW firsthand by testing the platform with their own cameras. By incorporating IPTECHVIEW into their offerings, integrators can enhance their revenue streams and deliver substantial cost savings to their customers. Time means money, and the sooner integrators embrace IPTECHVIEW, the quicker they can unlock its full potential and offer its benefits to their valued customers.

To learn more about IPTECHVIEW and explore the advantages it offers to Axis integrators, visit http://axislinq.com



IPTECHVIEW is an AXIS Technology Partner and provider of commercial cloud video surveillance solutions. With its comprehensive platform and cutting-edge technologies, IPTECHVIEW empowers businesses to enhance security, gain remote access, and harness the full potential of their surveillance systems. IPTECHVIEW's user-friendly interface, scalability, and innovative features make it the ideal choice for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Source: https://www.prweb.com/releases/revolutionize-your-axis-camera-access-with-iptechview-surveillance---cloud-powered-simplicity-and-security-301921616.html

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